Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One Month Down - 23 to go!

Hey everyone!!!

I'm doing well!!  This week was good!!  I went proselyting again on Saturday and that was a blast!!  I was in a nicer area with clean streets and no dogs, haha but this time I didn't have a teacher!  Just me and my Latino Companion I was assigned!  It was fun!  I only got to do it for about an hour so it wasn't that exciting but it was fun to place a couple Book of Mormons.
I start the Advanced Spanish class this week so we will see how this goes!! ahhh! hahah  I can't believe its been one whole month!!  These 2 years really are going to fly right on by!!  I can't even say 2 years any more because it's less than that!! wow!!  I have a goal to be fluent by my birthday so we will see how that goes!
I met a real missionary who's serving in the Lima area.  He's from Salt Lake, been out 11 months, and he struggled hard core trying to talk English to us.  He forgot so many basic words! I want to be like that by 11 months!!  That would be sweet.
I'm loving every minute I get with my district!  It's awesome and fun!!  We are all so close! It's going to be sad when we all get to Cochabamba and have to split up!  Tonight there are no Latinos in the MTC because they left and and a new group comes in tomorrow night, so there are only about 25 white people in the MTC!  Tonight my district is all moving their mattresses into a room to sleep! haha
Yesterday I found out the MTC has been holding out on me!!!! I found a couple baseballs gloves and a ball!!  Man you talk about the most fun I've had since I've been here!  It was a great stress reliever to play catch with my companion and take ground balls!  I miss it so much!  But, I still got it!!!
I sent everyone letters on Monday so y'all should get those soonish!  I love you all so much!! This time is flying by!!  I'll be back home before you know it!!

Elder Berrett

Highlight of his time in Peru? A baseball and a glove! Surprise!!  lol
This week he sounds wonderful!
I mentioned to Rick that I thought he sounds so good, that I don't think he is even missing us!
He is so busy, he doesn't have time to even think about being homesick.
(I'm definitely missing him more than he is missing us!)

 He wanted me to remind everyone to keep writing. He lives for letters from home! :)
Until next week!

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