Monday, April 1, 2013

Hola Cochabamba!

So I didn't update the blog last week, because his email to us was about three sentences long. 
{and because I have been really busy}
He did however, send each of us a hand written letter.  So that was really nice!
 He was able to give a lot of details that I have been waiting to hear.
For instance
....his daily schedule....
 Wake up 6:00
Breakfast by 7:00
Classes until noon
Lunch and soccer {South American style} or workouts
More classes until dinner
More classes until group meetings and study time
Bed by 10:00
{his head would hit the pillow and he was out}
He said he is totally exhausted, but loving every second of it!

....what he does in his spare time....
works out
writes letters
does laundry
goes shopping
{not sure if he leaves the MTC for that or not}
and obviously goofing around with the other elders!

.....what he is learning....
about the South American culture
The discussions {gospel principles}
all of which are taught in Spanish! lol
and more Spanish!!

He also said that he finished reading the Book of Mormon!
{which he started when he got to the MTC}
{which is awesome!}

Now I can see why he is so exhausted! :) 
His letters to each of the kids were really sweet! 
 He had a chance to really talk {if you can do that in a letter}
with each of them.  We all really got excited when we opened the mailbox and saw them.
He mentioned that he has received a lot of letters from friends, family, and coaches...which he lives for!  He said there is nothing better than checking the mailbox and finding a hand written letter.  He also has received a lot of letters through, which makes him happy as well.  So keep those coming!

I also was able to get a few pictures from him....well, one from him and one from one of his companions girlfriend's {who lives in Idaho} Facebook page!  Did you follow that?  No, I was not creeping around.  Someone shared it with me! :)
{isn't the www. awesome!}

Here you go...

Here he is with some of his companions while in the Peru MTC.  The three Latinos are all from South America and have been really helpful when it comes to learning his Spanish.
This was taken after a long day of Spanish and religion classes.
{with a little food and fun thrown in}
And, this is the Kyler {front, left} that we all know and love!
These are the elders that Kyler has referred to in previous letters. 
{Elder Roth - back, right - met via a friend from BYU Baseball camp and had been texting}
{Elder Bennett - front, right - from Boise, ID The Man!}
{Elder Not Sure - back, left}
In his email he mentioned that he would be leaving Peru on Tuesday the 26th and that he might be able to call. 
Really, that's all you're going to give me! 
So with that....his email was only a few sentences but the letters were awesome!
So you ask, what happened this week?
Well, let me tell you!
I was sitting at work on Tuesday when I got a call from a number I didn't know!
Thank goodness he mentioned he might be calling, cause you know me, I wouldn't have answered the call!!!
It was him and I can't begin to tell you how nice it was to be able to talk to him.  He sounded so good!  He, and I believe six others were at the airport headed to Cochabamba.  They were able to buy a calling card and call home for 30 minutes.  I was able to talk to him for just over 20 minutes. 
{I wanted to make sure he had a few minutes to talk with his dad}
He was so excited to get going in Cochabamba.  He said that he would have a seven hour layover a little later in the day and that he was hoping to call home again and talk to some of the kids.
Here is a screenshot of the call!  {I couldn't help myself} :)
And, a couple hours later, he called home again and was able to talk to Berkley, Carston and Manning.
I wish he could call home every six weeks.  It was so good to hear his voice.
I know that he is where he needs to be.  I can see so much growth already.  In his testimony of the gospel, in his outlook on life, and in his desire to serve others!  What more can I ask for?
The next morning I did get a quick email and two pictures from him....
Hey everyone!
Im here!  these are some pictures i took recently with my President and his wife!  im serving Cochabamba for 3 months so this is my first area!!  alright, i dont have much time! Ill talk to you on PDay!  Love you all!
Love Elder Berrett
This must have been taken at the airport when they arrived in Cochabamba.
{Kyler is right behind the guy holding the sign on the left}

And a picture with Sister Dyer and President Dyer
{Mission President and wife}
We are all anxiously awaiting the next P-day so we can find out more about where he will be serving for the next few months!
Until then....

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