Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 75

July 21, 2014

Hey Everyone!!!

Well, we had another great week! I'm very pleased with the work that we've been getting done. My companion and I have clicked in every way and it makes everything so much easier and more fun. We get along great so our free time like P-days and when we are in the house is super fun. We usually just laugh our heads off at something dumb the other one is doing. Teaching wise, we are super united. I love to teach with him. I've learned so much. I believe since we are such an older companionship with a lot of experience it helps a lot. 

This week was super awesome because we had so much time to teach. It was a pretty basic week. We are very fortunate right now as to have 12 people with a baptism date. Almost all of them are families! We are really focusing on finding families. Cool story!! So last week I spoke in church and I mentioned that if anyone knows a good family that is ready to hear the gospel please let us know. I also said that we, the missionaries, invite you guys to pray that God will put in your path a family that you can present to us. Well there was a less active 21 year old there that week named Alex Veizaga. He apparently prayed that night and the next day he met his aunt and 3 cousins, The Morales Family, for the first time in his life. He had never met them in his life although they had lived 15 minutes from one another. His mom randomly told him that he has cousins here in Sacaba and that on Monday they were going to meet them. So that night he called us and was like "OH MY GOSH God answered my prayers Elders!!!" You need to come meet my family. To be honest I didn't understand a thing he said  on the phone because he was so excited. So we went Tuesday night and got to know them and to teach a small message. They were great! They love the United States they asked me 3 million questions about the states. That was fun. But anyways, we went back Saturday.  We taught lesson 1 the restoration and invited them to be baptized. They have their doubts but they accepted to do it if they receive an answer. All the kids came to church yesterday. The mom was working but will come next week, she told us! They loved it and can't wait to come back next week! This was a great reminder to me that God really does answer the prayers of his children. I invite you all to pray that God will put someone in your path that is ready to hear the gospel as well. 

Anyways, that was the cool story this week! I'm day by day learning to be a better missionary. Although it comes with its sacrifices, it is worthy every minute. I feel like a better person and but more importantly I feel a whole lot closer to the Savior. I love him with all my heart. I know this is his church and that he is leading it through the prophet, Thomas S. Monson. I love you guys and I cant thank you enough for the love and support. In less than 5 months I can hug you all! haha But for now I'll just stay here and enjoy the little time I have left. Until next week! 

Elder Berrett

Awesome update Bud! God does answer prayers. He will help us to find those that are ready to hear the gospel. The work is hastening and it's amazing how much we can do if we are prepared. 

It sounds like you are doing really well.  And I am so happy to hear that you love and get along so well with your companion. I am sure it helps to be with someone you enjoy being with.  That is a great story about the Morales family.  We are all doing good here at home.  Kayden had a great time at the beach with his friends.  He just left for work.  This is the last week of work for him. We go to the beach next week and then the kids are back in school after that.  So I am sure he is happy about that.  He has enjoyed it but doesn't LOVE it.  Like I said, we head to the beach on Saturday for a week.  Of course, we are looking forward to that.  Everything else is pretty much the same.

I love you guys!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Week 74

July 14, 2014

Hello USA!!!

I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE!!!!!  <-------This is how I feel about the mission!!! I'm loving everything about it right now and I can't believe it's getting taken away from me in 5 months. I don't know how I feel about leaving in 5 months. I know have too, but I'm not sure if i'll like it hahaha. I'm just kidding...I'll like it! But I just don't want to think of that yet!!!!

So last Pday was super fun!!!! We played beach volleyball with the zone against another zone! I forget how much I love that sport until I play it! After that we treated ourselves to TGIFridays (literally the best restaurant in Cochabamba) haha So that was a magical Pday!

This was such a great week for us! We had zero distractions. No one from the zone called us to take care of something, there were no conferences, no interviews, no leaders council, nothing!!!!!!! It was so awesome! We just worked and worked and worked. Tuesday was a great day! We decided to fast for Niviva. She's an investigator of ours who is so close to baptism. She's 17 and super cool! I meet her like my first week here in Sacaba so I've known her a while now! We visited her Tuesday and invited her to get baptized this Saturday. She told us she's going to pray and read the scriptures to receive an answer and she would tell us Thursday. So we went and she was very happy to tell us that she wants to get baptized!! It was a great baptismal service. Super spiritual and happy. We thought it would be best if the bishop baptized her so we asked him and he was thrilled!  Super spiritual and happy. Her mom is a recent convert of 5 months so she was very happy and excited to see her daughters baptism. We are planning to go to the temple with them within the next couple of weeks. 

We are also working very hard with a family we recently found! They are the Montaño family. We knocked their door this week. They let us in,  and we shared The Restoration and invited them to be baptized the 9th of August, and they all accepted! The dad is Marcial. The mom is Soñia and the oldest son Andres 15. They also have two younger children Brenda 7, and Edward 4. This family is very special. They don't understand everything we teach but they say they feel something and that its a good thing. That's why they accepted to baptized. They all went to church on Sunday. We are praying hard for them and looking forward to seeing them again. I ask that you please keep this family in your prayers these up coming weeks. 

Thursday morning I was called to be in the city at 6 am to renew my Bolivian ID. I can't believe how fast time has gone by. Sometimes I wonder where the time goes and why it has to be soooo fast. I'm trying to take it all in, but sometimes it's hard when we are just doing a million things a day at 100 mph. haha 

Yesterday was a tough day simply because I got sick again! What the heck! I thought I was over that! I didn't even go to church! My stomach randomly just started hurting in the morning and I started throwing up and having a fever. I guess one never gets used to Bolivia, completely. haha I'm fine now! It was just a 24 hour bug. Hopefully that's the last!! 

Well family and friends! I love you all so much. I know there's no better place for me to be than here. I'm 100% sure that the Lord has a plan. I know this is his church. I'm grateful to have been born into the family I have. I'm learning little by little to count my blessings. I hope everyone has a great week!! Until the next!

Elder Berrett

Niviva, her mom and the Bishop

Me, Niviva and Elder Nicho and some friends

Me and Niviva before the ordinance

and after! :)

Niviva wants to be a missionary in 2 years so this is the picture with all the missionaries that were there!

Week 73

July 7, 2014

Well, today Kyler didn't have an update for us, but he did send pictures!
We did get a chance to chat with him via email but he did not have time to send an update. 

He did mention that it was very hard to see his mission president leave, however he met with the new president and he really likes him.

He is having a difficult time thinking that he only has a little more than 5 months left in the mission field.  He is LOVING being a missionary and doesn't want to think that it is about over!

Other than that, we just chatted about a few things going on here at home.  We talked about what needs to be done with BYU and the like.

Hopefully he will have time to update us next week!
Until then!

Going to play soccer in the mornings

4th of July ice cream!!

We had leaders conference this week and I got to see all my dudes!

My companion Elder Nicho. I love this guy so much.

Giant Bolivian grape fruit!! Sooooooo good. 

Strippling Warrior picture in he mission offices. I love it!! The Strippling Warriors loved and honored their mommies, just like me :)

Beach volleyball activity today!