Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Week 73

July 7, 2014

Well, today Kyler didn't have an update for us, but he did send pictures!
We did get a chance to chat with him via email but he did not have time to send an update. 

He did mention that it was very hard to see his mission president leave, however he met with the new president and he really likes him.

He is having a difficult time thinking that he only has a little more than 5 months left in the mission field.  He is LOVING being a missionary and doesn't want to think that it is about over!

Other than that, we just chatted about a few things going on here at home.  We talked about what needs to be done with BYU and the like.

Hopefully he will have time to update us next week!
Until then!

Going to play soccer in the mornings

4th of July ice cream!!

We had leaders conference this week and I got to see all my dudes!

My companion Elder Nicho. I love this guy so much.

Giant Bolivian grape fruit!! Sooooooo good. 

Strippling Warrior picture in he mission offices. I love it!! The Strippling Warriors loved and honored their mommies, just like me :)

Beach volleyball activity today!

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