Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 72

June 30, 2014

Hey peeps,

Well I'm so tired. I'm always tired now. I was tired before but lately I've been tired on a whole different level. I think as Berrett's we have a sleepy syndrome because I've been waking up at 630 for almost 17 months now and no matter how much I do it, and no matter how early I go to bed it's still to this day soooooo hard for me to do. I'm jealous of the guys that automatically wake up at 630 without an alarm. I don't understand. I'm always so tired. I hate it but its a good feeling at the end of the day knowing I fought through it. haha

Tuesday was a typical zone leader day. We were in the city early in the morning to pay for some medicine for some elders that went allllllll the way to the city to go to the doctor, without money. So we get a call at 8 in the morning asking if we can come and pay for their fun! We then went to our district meeting, where my comp and I gave a pep talk to the zone. We were doing so well as a zone due to the competition that was going on and last Sunday night the competition ended.  So we just told them that there is no reason to stop working hard, and that now it's simply a competition against Satan. Last night when we got their numbers we were super proud and happy, because they are working like it's still a competition! So good for them! 

Wednesday was awesome!!! We had our last conference with President Dyer. At the conferences we have to get up in front of all the zones and announce our numbers for the month and explain how the zone is doing. After we did that, president announced who won the Golden Zone Award. It was really intense and exciting moment!!! But.......WE WON. Zona Sacaba is the best Zone in the Bolivia Cochabamba mission!! We got a cool pin I'll show y'all later. The zone was so happy. They are pretty proud! haha Me too! I'm proud of them!! :) haha

I loved President and Sister Dyers last words to us. Two topics I didn't see coming, President said no matter what we do in life, just pay our tithing. It is so true. If you're paying tithing, nothing can go wrong because your have the Lords promise that he'll pour out his blessings. So much we won't even have room to receive it. And Sister Dyers last words to us were very interesting, but she gave us the 13 tips to finding our future eternal companions! hahaha Wow!! You talk about a funny but insanely awesome talk! We were told to write them down then put that paper away and not look at it til the end of the mission. haha I'd love to share that list but it is in my house. But it was actually great advice that I'll be willing to follow! 

As far as the work goes, we had a normal week. Sandra is getting baptized the 26th of July, so be praying for her. She's nervous but really wants to do it. I love you all. I love this work! I do/don't like to think about going home in December. But for now I'm trying not to think of it. Y'all are awesome! Have a wonderful week!!! 

Elder Berrett

Today we went to the Christ statue! It was nice but super tiring!

The Sisters photo bombing!

The Golden Zone chilin with Jesus!

Sup bro?

Our last picture with Presidente Dyer and Sis Dyer.

This cute little girl got baptized last week!! She's my #1 English student!! She was a baptism from the other Elders but I told her I wouldn't miss her baptism for the world! She's so cute its not even funny!

Golden Zone pin. Zona De Oro 
PS - Golden is my middle name.

Eating lunch with members on Saturday.

Saturday night we didn't have dinner so we cooked ourselves!! Hamburgers!!!!!!!!!! 

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