Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 69

June 9, 2014

HUALEGIA PUNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FECHAS, NUEVOS, Y BAUTISMOS!!!!!!!!!!! Word! The work is picking up and going!!!!!! I can't even keep up with it sometimes. It's annoying but great at the same time. I open up my agenda to make an appointment with someone and I cant do it the day they want because I'm full with appointments or meetings or something! It's a great thing though. I love it!

Tuesday was kind of a bum day. Super busy but just not with lessons. We had our district meeting and after we had to go with the assistants and some sisters from our zone to go look for a new house for them. Why? Because its haunted. Well that's what they tell us. haha They don't feel comfortable there so we had to go look for a new house. It's been kind of a pain all week but they figured it out and found a nice house. Tomorrow we will help them move in. After that we had to do finances allllll the way down town at the offices, so we had almost no time to work. We taught like 2 lessons. Not bad for how little time we had.

Wednesday was awesome. The first Wednesday of every month is the zone leaders meeting of the mission. It's was super cool. President speaks about everything that's going on in the mission and church and teaches us a few things. I love that man. Also a few randomly chosen companionships teach lessons. One companionship backed out literally 5 minutes before because one elder got super sick so Elder Weekes being my best bud and the assistant to president begged us to fill in. So we went up there in front of president and about 30 of the most experienced and best missionaries and....WINGED IT. But it ended up being really cool! We taught about teaching people and not lessons. I used D&C 50:13-22 to end the lesson. It was actually super fun. I love speaking in front of big groups. The leaders meeting was super sad at the end. President shared his last testimony and we sang a song and everyone cried and blah blah blah. I don't want to talk about it because it makes me want to cry right now. hahaha I hate crying now. Before the mission I always did it, haha but yeah it was super sad. I'm going to miss him a bunch! 

Thursday was so FUN! We worked all day long without distractions!!!!! We taught 8 lessons and found a bunch of news people. We currently have 6 people with a baptism date. I feel really good about a bunch of them too. We need to commit more people though. So we have another baptism this week!! I'm excited! It's another 20 year old guy!!! His name is Rubens. We've been teaching him since I got here! He's the man and super ready for Saturday!  haha I kind of want to baptize a woman before I go home, haha or a girl. I don't care, just a female! I've only baptized men!!  But it's okay, I'm happy, more PRIESTHOOD HOLDERS!!!!!! 

Sunday was a great day! We had 3 very important investigators come to church and they loved it. The ward is great! I love them! 

Well family and friends....i love being a missionary. i wish time would slow down for me. This is the only time in my life I will be authorized to invite someone to follow the Saviors example and be baptized. It's the only time I will ever be called Elder. It's the only time I can promise people the blessing the Lord has in store as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. Sounds like everyone is great!! Dad's going to teach seminary!!!!! Word up!!!!!!! That's so awesome!! I'm pumped to talk deep doctrine with him! hahaha love you all!! have a great week! until then!!

Elder Berrett

We slept on the roof of our apartment building last night.

Push up contest with my comp!

We were coming back from down town, waiting for a taxi and some members from our ward pass by and pick us up in their huge semi!!! So I slept on the top bunk for the hour ride!! haha

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