Saturday, May 31, 2014

Week 67

May 26, 2014


WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!! I LOVE MY NEW CALLING AND AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I'm sorry if I forget to tell y'all something, because there is SO MUCH to say haha! 

So Tuesday was a traveling day. I got on a bus to go to the airport then I took an hour flight from Sucre to Cochabamba. So when I got here I met my comp, Elder De Los Heros! He's the man! I love him! He speaks English! haha That's nice when we are in public and we have to talk about someone near us. haha So my house is unreal!!!! I love it!! I live in a recently built condo. It's so nice and I live with 4 missionaries!! The other two are Elder Kenny (he's awesome and from Draper, Utah) and his comp who is brand new to the mission. He has 5 day here!! haha His name is Elder Garcia. So my first day Elder Kenny and my comp took me to a members house. The member was acting like a drunk. Before we went they told me we were going to visit an investigator, anyways long story short.....she acted drunk and was super sad and emotional because I told her we had to postpone her baptism. (I thought or I was told she had a baptism date). I was trying to comfort her, using scriptures, and telling her she'll get baptized but she'll just have to fix this problem then she can do it. Then all at he same time they all laughed and yelled "WELCOME TO SACABA!!!" hahahahaha Gosh...yes..i got punked. 

Wednesday was awesome. My comp showed me the area. And I met all the investigators and members. This week we taught 19 lessons. Which for me is the lowest in a while, although the normal of excellence is 20. But my companion told me that was the most he has taught in the time he's been here. I know and understand that as zone leaders we don't teach as much because we are always going to the offices to meet with president and the secretaries (which is awesome). President Dyer is the man. Also we are constantly going to all the houses in the zone to check stuff, pay water and electricity bills, and a whole bunch of other stuff. 

Thursday was awesome. We had our companionship inventory where we talk, and set goals and figure out what we need to do to help each other out to better ourselves as missionaries. That went super well. We are excited about our area and being zone leaders together.

Friday we went to the offices and did finances. It was super easy. I didn't realize how organized the mission and secretaries are. It was super cool. We get a budget as a zone and as junior companion I'm in charge of the finances of the zone and all the missionaries money. It's kind of stressful, but I like it a lot. 

Sunday was different!! Our ward doesn't have a chapel so we meet at 2 in the afternoon for reunion sacramental and Sunday school! So all Sunday morning we have time to teach and pick people up for church! I love it! Sunday night was a little stressful as we have to receive the numbers from the zone and send them to president and his assistants (elder Weekes hahaha). But other than, that we have fun in our house. The four of us have fun dancing and singing and laughing all night long. It's awesome! 

Well I love you all! I love where I'm at in the mission and in life! The rumor (that I've heard my whole life) is that the last 6 months of your mission is the best, and it is so true!! I love you all!!  Have a wonderful week!!

Love Elder Berrett!!! 

Oh! PS - something awesome!!!  My zone is called Sacaba. It includes thousands of miles of a Province called Chapare. Chapare is the only place in Bolivia that is super "rainforesty". And I have to travel there every weekend for about 7 hours in bus to give the sacrament to the members in the little villages there!!!!! It's AWESOME!!! THERE ARE MONKEYS!!!!!!!!

Me and my comp playing chess. 
He has a giant black rob he wears at night. It's hilarious! He said he feels like an assassin, so it's whatever. 
oh yeah...btw I love chess now. 

Elder Garcia! haha he's so new! 

On the airplane traveling back to Cochabamba!

Saying bye to my fans from the ward, that came to the airport to say good-bye!

At the airport in Sucre with my dudes.......I mean Elders!

Saying good-bye to my pensionista in Sucre.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Week 66

May 19, 2014
Hello USA!!!!
Wow!!!!! What a week!!!!!!!! Full of Miracles and Surprises!!!!!!!! I'll start off by telling you guys the boring or normal stuff that happened. So p-day we played Walley and basketball all day long. It was fun but I've never been so worn out after a p-day. haha
So the mission has a new goal that every companionship can talk to 15 people in the street everyday and at least explain what our purpose is and see if they're interested. So we focused on that a lot this week. And it works! If you talk to few people you'll teach few people, but if you talk to a lot you'll teach a lot! We talked with 18 one day and of those 18 about 7 accepted us and were interested! We were talking with everyone before, but we weren't focusing on it and now its one of our main focuses.
Thursday I went to do an interview baptismal for a sister some elders in my district are teaching. Well, it was pretty personal, some of the things she told me but after talking to her for 2 AND A HALF hours of interviewing and talking to her we decided that she's more than ready to be baptized next week!  Yeah that was quite an intense conversation and moment but I loved it too! I love baptismal interviews!!
So Thursday was awesome!! We had a young man tell us he wants to get baptized now!! We told him lets do it Saturday with Jesus (another young man that was getting baptized.) He said alright and, well we did it! We had a double baptism with the other elders in the ward!! I'll send the pictures after. We had the young men's president do the baptism and I did the confirmation. It was the awesome! Oh! and I sang a solo in the baptism! I wasn't even nervous! haha I sang "I'll go where you want me to go." So mom, tell Mr. Fowler. haha I regret not doing it in high school! I loved it! it was fun!
Sunday was awesome!! We had a bunch of investigators in the sacrament meeting and Ispoke!! I love speaking in church now! haha I don't prepare much haha I kind of just say what comes!!!! It's easier that way and less stressful the night before!!! haha well I have some news for y'all! Last night we had changes and........I'm going back to Cocha!! I was super shocked!!! But I'm going to Zona Sacaba to be the Zone Leader. Elder Weekes is in my zone, as he was called to be the Presidents Assistant!!! I'm so pumped for him!! I talked to him all this morning and he's pretty excited. So tomorrow I fly back to Cocha! I was only here in Sucre for 6 weeks! It was a huge surprise but I'm excited too.
Well I love you all and I love where I am and what I'm doing! I'm super happy and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything!! I love you all! have a great week!
Elder Berrett

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Week 65

May 12, 2014
So yesterday was Mother's Day! And although I loved all the attention and love my kids at home gave me.....I was excited to skype with Kyler!
As always, it is very nice to be able to see him in person and to know that he is doing well!
He and his companion each had a computer so they each were able to chat for the whole 2+ hours! We had so much time that each person was able to have a good 20 minutes alone with him!
He is doing so well!  He is loving the work and the people of Bolivia.  He honestly has a true love for them.  He knows for a surety that each person on this earth has a divine purpose and plan!  He knows and loves the gospel of Jesus Christ.  If he could, he would shout it out and tell the whole world!  When he finds someone that will accept His word, he rejoices with them.  When he finds someone and they reject the missionaries or His message he mourns for them.  It is truly amazing to see all the changes in his life, in such a short amount of time. 
We talked about his future and his plans for college.  As much as he is loving his mission he is planning for his time at BYU. 
What classes to take? 
Where will he live? 
How is he going to get there? 
How will he get around Provo? 
If only all my kids planned like my first-born! :)
Today he emailed and we were able to chat for a little bit.  Of course, he didn't have an update (because he told us everything yesterday), but he did send pictures!

He had this to say about the pictures:

The baptism from the other night was super spiritual! His mom (in the
blue sweater) told us she wants to be baptized too now! The chapel was
packed with members and people supporters!

He mentioned that he thought transfers were coming this next week. 
However, he wasn't sure if he would be staying or leaving.
I guess we will find out next Monday.

Until then!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 64

May 5, 2014
Today's email was pretty uneventful to say the least!
I was just happy to hear from him. :)

He didn't get on until like 4:00 in the afternoon, and by then I was just glad to finally hear from him.  Here is our short conversation...

hey I'm here! Is anyone there?

I'm here :)

Hey!!!! so Berkley won state!! awesome! Are there any pictures!?
(in repsonse to my letter to him)

(I sent him some pictures)

These are awesome! I'm so excited for them! haha Were there a lot of
people there?

The stands were full. Not many from Buford, cause it was the Variety Show and baseball playoffs.

Awesome!! So we skyping next week?? Have you talked with Lexi?

Yes, I can't wait! No, I haven't talked to her yet.

 Text her and invite her! I think she's shy to ask because she hasn't seen y'all in so long!

Of course I will, silly! Do you have a letter for us? What did you do today? How is your companion?

No I don't actually. Sorry!! I'll talk to y'all on Sunday! We played
soccer. My comp is great!! He's good. I like him!

No update?

No sorry. I don't have a bunch of time.

How are you doing? Are you okay? Have you gotten the peanut butter yet?

Yes, I'm okay. No, not yet. Packages take a little longer for me to get because
I'm so far from Cochabamba.
Love you all. Got to go!
Love Elder Berrett

And just like that he was gone!
At least I get to talk with him on Sunday!
Until next week!