Saturday, May 31, 2014

Week 67

May 26, 2014


WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!! I LOVE MY NEW CALLING AND AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I'm sorry if I forget to tell y'all something, because there is SO MUCH to say haha! 

So Tuesday was a traveling day. I got on a bus to go to the airport then I took an hour flight from Sucre to Cochabamba. So when I got here I met my comp, Elder De Los Heros! He's the man! I love him! He speaks English! haha That's nice when we are in public and we have to talk about someone near us. haha So my house is unreal!!!! I love it!! I live in a recently built condo. It's so nice and I live with 4 missionaries!! The other two are Elder Kenny (he's awesome and from Draper, Utah) and his comp who is brand new to the mission. He has 5 day here!! haha His name is Elder Garcia. So my first day Elder Kenny and my comp took me to a members house. The member was acting like a drunk. Before we went they told me we were going to visit an investigator, anyways long story short.....she acted drunk and was super sad and emotional because I told her we had to postpone her baptism. (I thought or I was told she had a baptism date). I was trying to comfort her, using scriptures, and telling her she'll get baptized but she'll just have to fix this problem then she can do it. Then all at he same time they all laughed and yelled "WELCOME TO SACABA!!!" hahahahaha Gosh...yes..i got punked. 

Wednesday was awesome. My comp showed me the area. And I met all the investigators and members. This week we taught 19 lessons. Which for me is the lowest in a while, although the normal of excellence is 20. But my companion told me that was the most he has taught in the time he's been here. I know and understand that as zone leaders we don't teach as much because we are always going to the offices to meet with president and the secretaries (which is awesome). President Dyer is the man. Also we are constantly going to all the houses in the zone to check stuff, pay water and electricity bills, and a whole bunch of other stuff. 

Thursday was awesome. We had our companionship inventory where we talk, and set goals and figure out what we need to do to help each other out to better ourselves as missionaries. That went super well. We are excited about our area and being zone leaders together.

Friday we went to the offices and did finances. It was super easy. I didn't realize how organized the mission and secretaries are. It was super cool. We get a budget as a zone and as junior companion I'm in charge of the finances of the zone and all the missionaries money. It's kind of stressful, but I like it a lot. 

Sunday was different!! Our ward doesn't have a chapel so we meet at 2 in the afternoon for reunion sacramental and Sunday school! So all Sunday morning we have time to teach and pick people up for church! I love it! Sunday night was a little stressful as we have to receive the numbers from the zone and send them to president and his assistants (elder Weekes hahaha). But other than, that we have fun in our house. The four of us have fun dancing and singing and laughing all night long. It's awesome! 

Well I love you all! I love where I'm at in the mission and in life! The rumor (that I've heard my whole life) is that the last 6 months of your mission is the best, and it is so true!! I love you all!!  Have a wonderful week!!

Love Elder Berrett!!! 

Oh! PS - something awesome!!!  My zone is called Sacaba. It includes thousands of miles of a Province called Chapare. Chapare is the only place in Bolivia that is super "rainforesty". And I have to travel there every weekend for about 7 hours in bus to give the sacrament to the members in the little villages there!!!!! It's AWESOME!!! THERE ARE MONKEYS!!!!!!!!

Me and my comp playing chess. 
He has a giant black rob he wears at night. It's hilarious! He said he feels like an assassin, so it's whatever. 
oh yeah...btw I love chess now. 

Elder Garcia! haha he's so new! 

On the airplane traveling back to Cochabamba!

Saying bye to my fans from the ward, that came to the airport to say good-bye!

At the airport in Sucre with my dudes.......I mean Elders!

Saying good-bye to my pensionista in Sucre.

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