Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 33

September 30, 2013
What's up my fellow Gringos!!!!

I hope everyone is doing amazing back home!! I haven't received any emails yet, so I'm not sure how everyone is doing, but I'm sure everyone is doing great!! I had a great week! I'm loving training because it has made me work harder than ever so that I can set an example for my companion and now it's almost an addiction! It's fun to work hard and have results! That's exactly what happened this week!! So last week we set all of our goals for this week during our weekly planning that we do every Thursday for about 4 hours. We made it our goal to focus on our goals more than ever. And that's what we did. Also, that's the spiritual experience that I want to share this week. Goals are something really powerful when they are backed up by positive action. When you are serious about your goals, goals lead to motivation, motivation leads to action, and action leads to results. We had a goal to teach 20 lessons and we taught 27! And we didn't even work Sunday because after church I felt so sick but I'm doing fine don't worry!! But yeah I'm proud of what we did this week and it's addicting to have success! So this week we are raising the bar a little higher.

I cant believe tomorrow is October and next weekend is General Conference!!! AHHH!! I'm so excited!! Conference has a whole different meaning as a missionary!! I can't believe this will be my second one!!!! The weeks are literally flying by!! It's starting to feel like I'm on the computer every other day emailing you guys.

So we took an investigator named Abel to a baptism on Saturday, that some other elders were having, and he told us he loved it and wants to have his own. We have a date set for this Friday. Me and my companion are fasting tomorrow after lunch until Wednesday before lunch, I want to invite you guys to all join us! There is power is fasting and with number it's even more powerful. We promised Heavenly Father that we would work our butts off if he helped us with this. So to start that we are actually ending PDay early today to start working. We typically end at 5:30 to start teaching and working but today we will end at 4:00.

So that's how things are going here!! I love and miss all you guys so much!!

Love, Elder Berrett
Oh Kyler, that is so exciting! I am so happy to see that you are loving it and working so hard! I will fast with you guys this week! I want so bad for you to have a baptism and to experience it as a missionary. I know that baptism numbers are so important to a missionary, even though you know that planting the seed is just as important. I can't wait to hear how it all goes!
So you were sick yesterday, huh? Feeling all better now? I am excited for General Conference as well {because I get the week off from teaching} :)
We are all doing great! Dad is really enjoying school! It is way more religious than he thought it would be, and he is glad!
Hey!! What's up?? How are you?? :)
We are good! How are you? I am so glad that we get to chat this week! Last week your email didn't come through until late in the afternoon!  What are your plans today?

We are going to play basketball!!! I haven't played in 7 months!! haha yay!!
{I had sent him some pictures with my email and this is what he had to say....}
What the heck....Berkley went to Homecoming?? How old is she?? I'm literally in shock.....and Kayden looks like a stud with his new girl. Tell her hello and I cant wait to meet her! haha And tell him to respond to my email! haha
Hey I don't have much more time!! I just wanted to say love and miss you guys!! Everyone have a great week!! I love y'all!! :)

Love Elder Berrett

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 32

September 23, 2013
Hola a todos!!
Vaya!! no puedo creer que hemos cumplido una semana mas! tiempo es rápido! Estoy bien. mi compi también. Este semana pasada fue un poco despacio pero normal. La Obra esta progresando bastante aquí y en la mission tambien! ahora somos 254 misioneros y misioneras! esto es loco!! estoy muy orgulloso a ser un parte de este obra. 
And, because I cannot read Spanish, I had Rick translate for me!
{Hello to all!!

Wow! I can't believe that we have completed another week! Time is going fast! I am doing good. So is my companion. This week was a little slow but pretty normal. The work is progressing so much here in the mission. We now have 254 elders and sisters. That is so crazy! I am so proud to be a part of this work.}
Okay, so this week was basic!! Not my best week. I wasn't sick or homesick or anything like that, I'm just getting frustrated with some of our investigators. More especially a guy named Dainor.  He's had all the lessons.  He's been to church every week for 2 months and he has a bunch of friends in the church. But he still refuses to get baptized. He even has testified that the church is true!!! He just doesn't like the idea of being committed to something. Its very frustrating.  Other than little things like that the work is going well!  This week we had a conference with Elder Cardon from the seventies about Chapter 8 of preach my gospel (how to use time wisely). It was great! We learned a whole lot about planning! We also had ward conference yesterday!! It was good! Some good talks from the Bishop and the Stake Pres. I also sang in the choir, that I've been practicing with the past two months!! It was a blast and I'm kinda sad it is over! We sang "The Lord is My Shepard" and "God Be With You Til We Meet Again", (but in Spanish of course) haha.

I'd like to start sharing a spiritual experience every week, so here's mine from this week! We were knocking doors on Friday and we came to this man named Marco. He immediately started off by telling us he doesn't like religion because it's all one big competition to see who can have more people in their church. I would have to somewhat agree if I didn't have the fullness of the gospel in my life and have the knowledge of the church that I have. He said he's heard of all the churches and has been to them all but this was his first time ever hearing about the Mormons. He said he wasn't interested because he already can tell we are just another church, knocking his door. But anyway, after an hour and a half of talking he was asking us where our chapel was. He was still pretty hard headed. But I just promised him that if he attends with us, he will feel and see something he's never felt or seen before. He agreed and said he couldn't this week, but would next week. I'm hoping and praying so hard for this man. This experience was way spiritual but in a different way than normal. We took a few moments of silence to really listen to the spirit. I learned a lot from that.

Well that's about all I got!! I love and miss you guys so much!! Sounds like everyone is doing awesome! Send everyone my love, please!! I love and miss you all!!

Con Amor,
Elder Berrett

Friday, September 20, 2013

Week 31

September 16, 2013

Hey Everyone!!!

So this week went great!! It was the week of cambios {transfers} and we had a lot of changes in our zone so it was nice to see and chat with different missionaries. I saw Elder Bennett for the first time since the MTC!! ahhh that was awesome to see how he's been doing. He came up from Potosi for one day to do some visa papers and I had to do it too! So it was great to talk to him! He'll be a great, long time friend when I get home! So the work is a whole lot better in this area! We have 4 investigators that are at church literally every Sunday and have been for over a month now. 2 of them are a couple who were a reference from a recent convert in the ward. They're great!! Yesterday I taught the Gospel Principles class in church, about tithing and fast offerings. They loved it and we had a long conversation about the church with them after the class. We have an appointment with them tomorrow! But I haven't told y'all the crazy part about what happened yesterday....After that conversation, Alvaro (the husband) totally went into a panic attack and having a seizure and squirming around on the floor and I was freakin out and literally thought my investigator was going to die right there at church!! Turns out he has them all the time and gets them when he feels really overwhelmed with something! After 20 minutes he was fine and told us he was feeling really good after talking to us and that's why it happened!! gosh!! I'm scared to teach him again!! Could you imagine how his baptism would be!!?? haha (working on that) Well other than that this week was pretty good and normal!! I cant wait to talk!! Bye!! :) I love y'all!!

Elder Berrett

Hey bud - It's Dad! Sorry I've been unable to get on the past few weeks. Just been busy at work. That's crazy about Alvaro having a seizure. 

It's so good to hear from you. Monday is our new favorite day by far! There's nothing like waiting and waiting to hear how things are going. Hopefully, the Lord will bless you with a few baptisms before you leave the area. I'm guessing it's going to be really hard for you to leave that area. I was in my first area for 7 months and it was very hard to leave all the people you've come to love and know.

Hey dad!! It's all good! I understand!
Yeah it's going to be way hard for me too. Work wise I'm ready to leave and try a new area but I don't want to leave my ward for anything....there is this joke that's been going on in our ward for a few weeks that I'm going to come back after 2 years and be bishop of Barrio Sarco. And yesterday a Sister gave a talk and talked about us missionaries visiting her kids and helping them prepare to go on a mission one day and she was all crying and told me in front of everyone that she can't wait for me to come back and be bishop!! hahaha I loved it!! It's going to be so hard to leave!
Obispo Berrett - sounds pretty good! Things are going good here! Manning has his first game tomorrow night. His team is the White Sox. The coach said he will be the first one to pitch so it ought to be interesting. He's been practicing and has done pretty well.

Kayden's Team Gwinnett played this past week and went 3-1. It's very difficult trying to get 9 guys to show up in the fall. It's fun though to show up with 9 or 10 guys and still beat these teams with 20+ guys on their roster. 

I'll work on getting the workout stuff to you this week. I'm glad you still have a desire to play. Focus on what's at hand, first and foremost though. 

Grandma Sharon called me this past week. She is already working on a Christmas package and wanted to know what to you might want. I'm sure whatever it is, you'll be glad to get it.

Will you please write Kayden a personal letter when you get a chance? He's feeling a lot like you did your senior year when all of your friends were getting offers to play and you didn't. He's just really down some days and I hate to see him like that. I think he's really confused with what he wants to do.  You need to stay really close to him over the next several months through your letters if you can.

ahh yeah I can't wait for that workout stuff. Yeah that's what I realized this week, is that I only get these 2 years one time, so I'm really trying everyday from 6:30 to 10:30 to give it my all to the Lord. I also know that when I do that, the Lord will bless me after the mission. 

Yeah, I will write him a nice long letter this week and send it next week. Also have him email me and I can start sending him a weekly email. I've been wanting to do that for the longest time with him.
I will tell Kayden to email you this week. Mom said she will try to get on but she is real busy at work. Of course, she loves you and is super proud!!

Tell me about your mornings? Is it still personal study, companionship study, workout, etc..?? What are you doing for your personal study? Companionship study? Is it all in Spanish?? Are you feeling pretty comfortable now with the language??

I'm starting school today. How crazy is that? I am very concerned about finding the time to do all that is required, but I figure I'll manage. I keep waiting for the perfect time to do it and have realized that I'll be waiting forever. So, why not go for it and see what happens. The hardest part of this whole thing is that they require you to meet each Thursday night at the Glenridge building, near the temple. I've decided though I'll take advantage of it and attend the temple while I'm there and make the most of it. You have to follow their program for the first year. I am only allowed to take two classes this semester and one of them is the Book of Mormon. I'm excited about that. I'm going to get Mom to study with me. Anyway, I'm excited about it.
Well I have to go!! I love you all! Tell everyone hi for me and that I love and miss them! Here are some pictures from my week!! 
Thanks for the advice Dad. I'll pray for Kayden and ask for help to know exactly what to tell him. I love you!
Dinner at a members house

Goofing around...Kyler style

Until next week!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week 30

September 9, 2013
This week Kyler really didn't give us a solid weekly update.  We we're just chatting back and forth!
So I started out with an email to him and updated him on the family and asked him about his week.
I also sent him some pictures of our family!
Oh my gosh I'm loving these pictures!! Keep 'em coming!

How are y'all!!?? sounds like everything is good! I can't believe how fast everything is going!! That's awesome about Berkley and BYU and Carston and his complete change of hobbies over the past seven months!! haha Kayden's joker pictures is awesome! I showed my whole zone because we are here at internet together and they loved it. haha Anyways, I can't wait to here from you mom! Love Kyler! :)
Hi babe! How are doing? Are you feeling better?
Hi!!! :)
I'm great!! don't worry! You can tell Mrs. Walton that I had 52 people this week at my English class!! haha It was awesome! We taught them how to pray in English!! Last night was transfers but nothing for me!! I'm here again for at least another cambio!! I'll complete 8 and half months in one area!! haha crazy!!!
I will let her know! How exciting! I bet they are loving to learn a little English! That could totally change their lives! And you are staying in Cocha? Didn't we already know that because you are training Elder Vaca for 12 weeks?
Yeah, but there was still a chance I could go because its been so long! hey have y'all finished my BYU stuff??
So you're there for a few more weeks, huh?  How many more weeks until the next cambio?
{like my Spanish?}
haha yeah its great!! 6 weeks!
Did dad email you last night?  I know he was working on it but I'm not sure if he emailed you or sent it thru dear elder?
No he didn't! It was probably dear elder!  yeah!!! oh hey I have a request!! Can y'all copy and send me a copy of all the P90X videos!! :)) and maybe some workout bands??
Sure!  I think we can. I will get working on that, and some workout bands. Wow!  Look at you go! We can start calling you Elder Buff!
haha I have a goal in mind about baseball after the mish so I'm preparing for that now!   I actually bought a pass for the gym near our house!! haha We go almost every morning!!
Really...that is awesome! Is it okay to pay for the gym?  What are your plans for baseball?
Yeah we can do it!! It's way cheap too. Like 7 dollars. My plans are to come home and absolutely play. If I get accepted to BYU, I WILL play there. And if not, then I'll go somewhere else and play.
All you can do is your very best and the rest will be taken care of! 
Dad can't get on today but he wanted me to tell you that he loves you very much and that he sent you a dear elder.
Which reminds me! Can y'all start applying me to UofU, SLCC, UVU and Dixie??
Well holy crap!  That is a lot of applying! But yes, we will get working on it! If you work hard, it will all pay off in the end
okay sweet! I cant wait to read it!! Tell him I love him and miss him!  Thanks!! and those schools aren't as hard at BYU (I think is what Lexi told me) so it's not as much work!
I'll check with her!  Since we text after we talk to you anyway! :)
hahaha oh nice!! Every week?
Yes, we chat and comment on twitter and stuff!  We're cool like dat :) 
haha, cool!
I have a feeling your time is up so I wanted to be sure to let you know that I love you and you know how proud I am! You make me smile when I know what you are doing! I am so happy to know that you are preaching the Lord's word! He is mindful of you and loves you so much! We miss you everyday, but know that what you are doing is right! I love you to the moon and back!!
 Love - Mom
thanks!! :) yeah I know! and for that I don't worry!
Alrighty!! Well I have to go!! I love you mom! Please tell everyone I love and miss them!!! Also, please turn in the BYU app ASAP! I'm getting so anxious about that!! haha and the P90X stuff!! haha Thanks :)
Until next week!!
Love Elder Berrett
He also included some pictures! :)

Me and my companion
The four missionaries from our ward. 
The one in the middle is Alan, he leaves for his mission tomorrow.
Painted on the side of a house...
"We are Catholic. Dont Bother"
 {it's completly normal!}

And why plant a tree when you can plant one in the middle of the road!?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Week 29

September 2, 2013

Hey everyone!!! 

So this week was a little slower so I actually don't have a whole lot to share. Tuesday was a great day as I received 2 packages! One from the family! Thank you all so much :) I love the Panama City t-shirt and I loved the cards! haha Also I got one from Lexi, and that was amazing too! It made me a little trunkie for the night! haha Also on Tuesday I held my first English class! It was fun! We had about 7 people show up. They announced it yesterday at church so tomorrow there should be a whole lot more. We are just teaching basics, with different topics each week. Wednesday night we (the missionaries from Barrio Sarco) held an activity for the ward! It was simply a night of games for the ward to bond and have fun! It was an absolute blast!! We had about 40 people show up which isn't a whole lot for our ward but it was way fun!! I actually got sick that night and couldn't work the next day!! But, don't worry I'm all good now!! Work wise we are doing really well. We have a bunch of people coming to church and we have a bunch of dates for baptism. We prayed and talked for a while last night (my companion and I) and we decided that 3 baptisms was a great and reachable goal for the month of September. So that means we have to work hard! haha I know we can do it! Alrighty! that's all I got for y'all today! I cant wait to hear from everyone!!! I love you all!

Love Elder Berrett

Today both Rick and I missed Kyler while he was online.  
I felt so bad!!  Although, by the sounds of his letter, he seems to be doing really well!  

I can't believe that he is teaching English classes.
{I will have to tell his teacher, she will be so proud!!}

I can tell that he really loves the people in his ward and when it comes time for him to leave, it will not be easy! But, I am so happy that he has people around him that love him!!

Please pray for him and his companion and for those who they are teaching!  He would love to have a baptism.  They haven't had one in the area for a couple of years!

Until next week!