Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 33

September 30, 2013
What's up my fellow Gringos!!!!

I hope everyone is doing amazing back home!! I haven't received any emails yet, so I'm not sure how everyone is doing, but I'm sure everyone is doing great!! I had a great week! I'm loving training because it has made me work harder than ever so that I can set an example for my companion and now it's almost an addiction! It's fun to work hard and have results! That's exactly what happened this week!! So last week we set all of our goals for this week during our weekly planning that we do every Thursday for about 4 hours. We made it our goal to focus on our goals more than ever. And that's what we did. Also, that's the spiritual experience that I want to share this week. Goals are something really powerful when they are backed up by positive action. When you are serious about your goals, goals lead to motivation, motivation leads to action, and action leads to results. We had a goal to teach 20 lessons and we taught 27! And we didn't even work Sunday because after church I felt so sick but I'm doing fine don't worry!! But yeah I'm proud of what we did this week and it's addicting to have success! So this week we are raising the bar a little higher.

I cant believe tomorrow is October and next weekend is General Conference!!! AHHH!! I'm so excited!! Conference has a whole different meaning as a missionary!! I can't believe this will be my second one!!!! The weeks are literally flying by!! It's starting to feel like I'm on the computer every other day emailing you guys.

So we took an investigator named Abel to a baptism on Saturday, that some other elders were having, and he told us he loved it and wants to have his own. We have a date set for this Friday. Me and my companion are fasting tomorrow after lunch until Wednesday before lunch, I want to invite you guys to all join us! There is power is fasting and with number it's even more powerful. We promised Heavenly Father that we would work our butts off if he helped us with this. So to start that we are actually ending PDay early today to start working. We typically end at 5:30 to start teaching and working but today we will end at 4:00.

So that's how things are going here!! I love and miss all you guys so much!!

Love, Elder Berrett
Oh Kyler, that is so exciting! I am so happy to see that you are loving it and working so hard! I will fast with you guys this week! I want so bad for you to have a baptism and to experience it as a missionary. I know that baptism numbers are so important to a missionary, even though you know that planting the seed is just as important. I can't wait to hear how it all goes!
So you were sick yesterday, huh? Feeling all better now? I am excited for General Conference as well {because I get the week off from teaching} :)
We are all doing great! Dad is really enjoying school! It is way more religious than he thought it would be, and he is glad!
Hey!! What's up?? How are you?? :)
We are good! How are you? I am so glad that we get to chat this week! Last week your email didn't come through until late in the afternoon!  What are your plans today?

We are going to play basketball!!! I haven't played in 7 months!! haha yay!!
{I had sent him some pictures with my email and this is what he had to say....}
What the heck....Berkley went to Homecoming?? How old is she?? I'm literally in shock.....and Kayden looks like a stud with his new girl. Tell her hello and I cant wait to meet her! haha And tell him to respond to my email! haha
Hey I don't have much more time!! I just wanted to say love and miss you guys!! Everyone have a great week!! I love y'all!! :)

Love Elder Berrett

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