Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 32

September 23, 2013
Hola a todos!!
Vaya!! no puedo creer que hemos cumplido una semana mas! tiempo es rápido! Estoy bien. mi compi también. Este semana pasada fue un poco despacio pero normal. La Obra esta progresando bastante aquí y en la mission tambien! ahora somos 254 misioneros y misioneras! esto es loco!! estoy muy orgulloso a ser un parte de este obra. 
And, because I cannot read Spanish, I had Rick translate for me!
{Hello to all!!

Wow! I can't believe that we have completed another week! Time is going fast! I am doing good. So is my companion. This week was a little slow but pretty normal. The work is progressing so much here in the mission. We now have 254 elders and sisters. That is so crazy! I am so proud to be a part of this work.}
Okay, so this week was basic!! Not my best week. I wasn't sick or homesick or anything like that, I'm just getting frustrated with some of our investigators. More especially a guy named Dainor.  He's had all the lessons.  He's been to church every week for 2 months and he has a bunch of friends in the church. But he still refuses to get baptized. He even has testified that the church is true!!! He just doesn't like the idea of being committed to something. Its very frustrating.  Other than little things like that the work is going well!  This week we had a conference with Elder Cardon from the seventies about Chapter 8 of preach my gospel (how to use time wisely). It was great! We learned a whole lot about planning! We also had ward conference yesterday!! It was good! Some good talks from the Bishop and the Stake Pres. I also sang in the choir, that I've been practicing with the past two months!! It was a blast and I'm kinda sad it is over! We sang "The Lord is My Shepard" and "God Be With You Til We Meet Again", (but in Spanish of course) haha.

I'd like to start sharing a spiritual experience every week, so here's mine from this week! We were knocking doors on Friday and we came to this man named Marco. He immediately started off by telling us he doesn't like religion because it's all one big competition to see who can have more people in their church. I would have to somewhat agree if I didn't have the fullness of the gospel in my life and have the knowledge of the church that I have. He said he's heard of all the churches and has been to them all but this was his first time ever hearing about the Mormons. He said he wasn't interested because he already can tell we are just another church, knocking his door. But anyway, after an hour and a half of talking he was asking us where our chapel was. He was still pretty hard headed. But I just promised him that if he attends with us, he will feel and see something he's never felt or seen before. He agreed and said he couldn't this week, but would next week. I'm hoping and praying so hard for this man. This experience was way spiritual but in a different way than normal. We took a few moments of silence to really listen to the spirit. I learned a lot from that.

Well that's about all I got!! I love and miss you guys so much!! Sounds like everyone is doing awesome! Send everyone my love, please!! I love and miss you all!!

Con Amor,
Elder Berrett

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