Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 44

December 16, 2013
Hey peeps!!
I really don't know where the time is going. I know I say that pretty much every week but it's so true. I literally woke up this morning and saw that it was the 16th of December! What the heck!! This has been the fastest 10 months.
So this week went great!! The rain season is coming on so we pretty much go home wet every night!! Its okay though!! I cant lie...i like it! It's fun and it's a good feeling knowing we worked all day in the rain, knowing we could have made excuses to go inside. It's actually the best method to get into houses and teach because people feel bad so they let us in the house hehehehe We're so smart!
Tomorrow is the big Christmas Zone Conference with the mission! I'm actually pretty excited! They say it's a night full of fun and games with President and all the other missionaries! haha I was invited to sing in the mission choir, so we will be singing a few songs at that as well! It should be fun!
So the highlight of my week was our baptism we had with Andres Rocha! He was the only one left from his family not to be baptized. They were all baptized about 6 months back. I've never seen a family so happy as they were on Saturday. We gave each one of them time to give their testimonies. The spirit was so strong, it was awesome. Everyone was crying.(even me) haha Andres expressed to us that he wants to serve a mission. My companion and I lost it. We were so excited. He was so happy too. I'll send y'all the pics in a bit of the baptism. His dad, who just received the aaronic priesthood 3 weeks ago baptized him. That's exactly what we wanted too, so it was perfect. It was kinda funny but cute when his dad who was so nervous baptized him, messed up on the prayer 5 times so I said it and he repeated and then when he finally got it, he didn't put Andres under the water completely! The slightest little part of his elbow was sticking out.  So he finally got it on the 6th time! haha It was a funny moment for everyone though! Anyways, things are great here! Time is flying! I cant wait to hear from you all!! I love you!
Elder Berrett
I sent him an email and updated him on the whole family.  This was his reply...
Wow!! Looks like everything is going awesome!! I'm jealous of Dakota!!! What the heck!! He looks like hes going to be huge....
And of course another Buford State Championship! Proud Alumni here!! I love it!! Now its time for Kayden to bring another to the diamond!
Uncle Russ! ahh That's awesome! Seems like y'all had a great time!! And Casey engaged!! what!? He mentioned it to me when I was home for a few weeks! Dang I'm pumped!! Tell him I'm still waiting for pictures of his girl! hahaha I just want to see....hahaha
12 days of Christmas has been pretty awesome! I love it! Thank you so much! haha
Hello my sweet boy! I can't believe how fast the time is passing, too! Don't take this the wrong way...But I told dad the other night that it is getting kinda hard writing each Monday cause I feel like I have already told you everything the last week! I feel like I just repeat myself over and over again! :)  But I wouldn't miss it!
Congratulations on another Baptism! I am so happy for you and your companion, but I am more happy for Andres and his family! Can you imagine what this will mean for many generations to come?  It is so exciting when you think of the possibilities!!
The Christmas get together sounds like a fun night! I bet you just love getting together with everyone! (you get to see all your buddies and hang out with them for a while!) And you are singing in the program! Mr. Fowler would be so proud! :P
Have you opened any of the other stuff that was sent home with you? Oh, by the way, I did not slip Kayden's shoes into your bag, he did! He came to me while I was packing and said that he wanted you to have them! So you can thank him for that.
Hey I love your emails each week!! I love weekly updates on the family! I feel like so much happens and changes on a weekly basis!
Tell Kayden thank you!! But I already thanked him in an email I sent a few weeks back! He still hasn't responded! Did he get it! I've been waiting for him to respond.
Well, don't worry I will keep updating you each week. :) (I wouldn't not write you!)
I told Kayden last week to check for your email. I guess he hasn't yet.  One of the things I want to improve on in the new year is getting the kids to write to you each week. So hopefully that will happen!
Has your companion enjoyed his 12 days of Christmas? Has he gotten any gifts from home?
ahh I would love that from them!!
He told me to give them to Elder Vaca, so that's what I'm going to do when I see him next. We both agreed he would enjoy it and needed it more! Elder Rojas and I are just sharing mine! haha
Oh that is so awesome! I am so happy for that. I guess you can take them all with you tomorrow night and he can continue to open them up until Christmas? Did I send any gifts for your companion? Did I send any for you? (can't remember...sorry)
I have a few from both Grandmas and the 12 days. That's it! But that's enough! haha
Well, remember that we got you those awesome soccer cleats and stuff! :)
Of course!! haha I remember that!! That's what I"m saying!! I'm good!
Ok, good! Well, it looks like Dad isn't going to be able to get on today. He mentioned to me this morning that he probably wouldn't get a chance. I know that he is very proud of you! It is really an amazing feeling to have a missionary in the field! It seems like we have been given blessings and experiences that we normally would not have had. So thank you for that!
haha Hey, its not me! I can feel them too! Heavenly Father is just blessing us more since we've clearly bettered ourselves in the Gospel the past few years!
He sure is, but thank you for giving of your time to serve Him! I am so grateful for your example! You make me so proud!!
It's easy to do, knowing that everyone is receiving blessings....I have to go now. I love you. Tell everyone I love them! Until next week!!
I love you!!! Enjoy your week and looking forward to next Monday!! MUAH

The Rocha Family

Me and Andres (and his dad)

A puppy

Last P-day

Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 43

December 9, 2013
hey everyone!!
Another week here has flown by!!! We had a great week!! We are working hard and it's paying off for sure!! As a district, we made a goal to have 40 people with a baptism date. That's setting the bar pretty high for only 4 companionships, but my companion and I held up our end of the deal and ended up with 10 people with a baptism date! So please be praying for them. This is Saturday we have a for sure baptism with Andres. I believe I told you all about him last week. So that's exciting!! We are working hard everyday and it makes the time go so much faster. And now that the baptisms are starting to come and we are finding and teaching a whole lot more its starting to get addicting! It's really all the motivation I need!!
Yesterday there was a huge Christmas Devotional at the temple where people from all over Bolivia come and sang in choirs, members and non members! There were thousands of people! It was fun! I think I have a few pictures to share.
Other than that everything is going great!! We have found some FAMILIES to teach that have a lot of interest so that's exciting. We are hoping to help them be families united in the Gospel and have true happiness, like we do. It's a blessing that I have the chance to do that. I love you all!! Have a great week!!
Elder Berrett
Hey bud - it's Dad - you still there?
You sound so good! It sounds like things are really progressing. I am very excited and happy for you and your companion. A lot of prayers continue to come your way. Me and Manning say a prayer every day on the way to school. He has come out of his shell and will take turns with me now. The first thing he says every time is, "bless Kyler and his companion". It's awesome! Did you see Mom's email to you about everything going on here?
Hey! Yes I am! What's going on?!
Awww, dang that's so awesome about Manning! Tell him I pray for him and everyone everyday!
Yeah I read it!! Everything seems awesome! A puppy!? haha awesome!!!
Hi babe - it's Mom! How are you? Is it raining there cause we are going to have to build an ark if it doesn't stop here! :)
hahah Hi mom. You're so funny.
Sacrament meeting yesterday was really good. They had Kayden speak first, then Dallin Wrathall, who is leaving on his mission. Then Tim Brannon who just got home. They all did a great job. Tim was very good. I was real impressed with him. We had a weekend of service ourselves. We helped Jeff and Marisa move some furniture around on Saturday and then after dinner last night, we helped Joe and Laurie move some stuff around. They are both making a few changes to their homes. The missionaries on our ward ate dinner with us yesterday. One of them goes home in 3 weeks. He said he doesn't know where the time went. He has very mixed emotions about going home. He's excited but loves the Lord's work.
Do you feel pretty good about your Spanish now? I was real impressed with it when you were home. You knew a lot more than I did. I'm sure you feel real good when you are talking about the gospel. Every day conversations can probably still be a little challenging.
Thats awesome!! I'm sure he did great! Tell him to check his email because I wrote him like 3 weeks ago! I've been waiting!!
The Spanish is better than ever! I'm still studying though everyday!
I really hope you love Christmas time in Bolivia. It was my favorite time when I was in Chile. I think the reason was because it was so simple. There were very few presents being exchanged. All of the kids loved what they did get but they weren't expecting anything. It was so much easier to focus on what we should be focusing on. Take it all in and find a deep appreciation of what these third world countries do to celebrate the birth of our Savior. There's no pressure, no stress, no expectations from children on what they are getting. Of course, this was over 20 years ago for me so I guess things could have changed and I was in a different country, so who knows. Either way, learn to enjoy it! This might be your only Christmas away from home to learn something new.
Any plans for p-day today?
Thanks so much.
That's exactly what I want to do and learn from all this.
We are going as a zone to the stake center to make smoothies and play basketball and soccer today!
It sounds like you have a fun day planned! Do you have any investigators your meeting with tonight?
Yeah!! We have 2 family home evenings with investigators!!
Alright, I've got to go. I know we always say it, but just know how much we love you and pray for you. We are all so proud of the work you are doing! Work hard and then work even harder! You will be blessed and you will bless many lives because of your faithfulness.
Until next week!!
Love, Dad
Well that's exciting! Good luck and we'll be praying for you. How are you getting along with your companion? Do you like your new home? And how about the area?
Thanks Dad!! I love you too! Tell everyone I love them and I'm praying for them!!
How much time do you have left? I am just heading back to the office from running an errand and would love to have more time to chat!
Like 2 minutes :((
Well that's not enough time! Just know that I love you and that I am so proud of you. I am thankful for your example not only to myself but to the kids and to other family members. I'm thankful for your hard work and your dedication. I love you with my whole heart! I miss you but wouldn't want it any other way. Have a great week. Good luck and we'll be praying for you!!
Love you bunches! - Mom

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Week 42

December 2, 2013
Hey everyone!!
Wow! Where does the time go! This week flew by!! Well, after 9 very long months of waiting it finally happened! I had a baptism! It feels good to get that off my chest. We have some lined up this month so hopefully I'll have some more coming asap. The man we baptised is Juan Carlos Ramos. He's 45 years old. We found him my first week in this area before I came home. It was amazing how fast he progressed in just 6 weeks. We taught him Wednesday night and told him he was ready to be baptized in 3 days and he accepted. As bad as I wanted to be the one to baptize him we figured it would be better to have a member who was actually his good friend do it, so that's what we did! He was a reference from his family who are members so we went to their house yesterday to celebrate. We then invited him and his wife (who is a less active member) to prepare to enter the temple a year from now, they accepted! We will do all we can to help them achieve that. It's amazing how the spirit works with those people who are prepared by God. Every lesson with him was so much easier than all the others. My Spanish was better, I knew exactly what to say, and it was just a good feeling as we taught. When I taught him I said things I've never said before and things really do just flow out of your mouth with the spirit.
Other than that this week was good!! We committed a lot of people to baptism. One of which is a boy named Andres who is 16 and the only one in his family who hasn't been baptized (they were all baptized, 3 months ago.) He had a lot of doubts but he's great. He's always at the church with the youth and loves to be with us! We've taught him everything so we were running out of ideas. So we actually decided to take him (yes, an investigator) out to work with us. haha Well it worked! We ended the day teaching him about Jesus Christ, and he accepted to be baptized on the 14th!
Miracles are happening here everyday. I'm so proud to be a missionary during these exciting times of the work of salvation. I know the church is true. I know it has been restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I know the Book of Mormon and Bible are true testaments of Jesus Christ. I love my God and I love serving him. Until next time!
Elder Berrett
That is so awesome about your first baptism. Congrats!! It sounds like you are really working hard. I am so proud of you and everything you are doing. Mom told us last night that you have been out for over 300 days now. So crazy, right??
It's so good to know that things are starting to come a little easier for you now. You are correct, it's the Spirit working with you and through you. Make sure you are always living in a manner that the Spirit can help. He will if you let it.
Are you enjoying the new area now? How about the new bario? You weren't too sure about it before you left to come home. Is it getting better. Do you live with two other missionaries or all they just in the same ward?
It's a good ward. They are all willing to help so that's good! The area is good too! I'm excited about it! We actually had transfers last night but nothing changed for us! It's just us, no others in my house!
Okay - good! Just so you know, when I get done with school in a few weeks, I will turn my attention to applying for you. I will have a little more time then, so I'll start working on it.

I am reading about Alma the younger and the Sons of Mosiah. I am reminded how readily the Lord is willing to forgive us. Alma and the sons of Mosiah were wicked men and caused a great deal of pain within the church as they went around trying to destroy it. Of course, they had an angel appear to them which turned their lives around. We might not get angels to appear to us but we still have the same opportunity to repent and turn our lives around. It's never too late! I love reading the Book of Mormon. There are so many awesome examples to live by. Have you read the Book of Mormon in Spanish all the way through yet?
Ahh I love that story. And no not yet! I'm doing it right now!
And thank you! Yeah when you finish that's fine!!
How much more time do you have?
Not much at all, like 15 minutes.
Just know how much I love you and praying for (ALWAYS!!). I've got to go. It looks like mom is busy and can't get on this week. Keep up the good work!! Can't wait to hear more next week.
Love you - Dad
Alrighty sounds good!! I love you too! Tell everyone I love them!

A peacock

A turtle

Came across these turkeys on Thanksgiving actually, so I had to take a picture! haha

Cooking for my pensionista's birthday

The elder in white was just in the picture. He had his own baptism.  I just don't want y'all to think we have a gringo member in our ward! haha

Just a cool view

Week 41

November 25, 2013
Hello Everyone!!
Wow! I can't lie, it feels a little weird to be back!! It was hard at first but I'm good now!! I feel good about the next year! I told myself that I only get one more year to do this so I might as well make the most of it. Hopefully everyone is doing well! I'm interested to hear so hopefully I can talk to y'all for a bit!
This week was good. The rain the season is starting so i feel like I've been wet since I got back. But I cant lie, it's a good feeling to get home at night all wet and muddy knowing we worked through it all! I'm happiest here in the mission when I'm actually outside the house and working. So I guess that's not a bad thing actually! haha The first couple days I was a little rusty with the Spanish so iIjust spoke a whole lot to get it going again and I'm pretty much back up to par!  We've been teaching and finding a whole lot of people so it's been well! We have about 4 progressing investigators that are really committed and they're all great! We just got to get them out to church a little more and hopefully we can have some baptisms next month!! Anyways things are well! I hope I can chat you guys a bit because i have some questions! haha I love you guys! Can't wait to hear from y'all!!
Elder Berrett
He also sent his mom a letter :)....
Hey mommy!
First off, I love and miss you! It really was awesome to be home with you! I cant' wait to be with y'all again but I'm enjoying my time here. So it looks like no one is getting on so I'll just ask you things I had on my mind before I forget.....
First, I haven't opened any of my 12 days of Christmas! I'm gonna wait! But I just want to know if it matters the order? Or can i just pick one, read the scripture for it and open it?
Also I was going to ask and beg for you guys to start the college apps. Dad said he'd get started and finish them by the end of the year. He may have to call each school and see how the deferring works. I'm sorry I didn't get much if not any of that done while I was there....sorry, I was distracted a lot! haha  Remember BYU, UU, UVU, SLCC, LDSBC. Thanks so much!! I love y'all!
Oh and I got a Christmas package from Aunt Tami!! Please tell her thank you so much and I love it!!!
Last thing...can you please put face wash in my next package!! alright!!
Thanks so much!! I love you!! tell everyone hello and send them my love!
Elder Breezi
Hey!! I'm leaving now!! Sorry :(  I love you guys!!
And that was all we got!  He actually was online for an hour before we noticed and he ended up having to leave before we could communicate!  :( 
(maybe next week!)

Week 37

October 28, 2013

Elder Berrett,
This is Dad - I hope you are feeling better and that you are enjoying your new area and companion. Please tell us all about your new area and how things are going. We love to hear all about it. Details, details, details. :)
We have some very sad news to tell you. We couldn't decide whether to tell you now or wait until you get home. We thought it might be best to tell you now, so you can deal with it in your own way and then come home already knowing and prepared. Roxy passed away last Tuesday, October 22nd. We've known for a long time that she was looking old and having problems. Anyway, last Monday night, Mom went downstairs to let her in and she was just lying on the cement patio and had a very hard time getting up. When she did, she just stood there by mom and didn't move. I had to go down and carry her upstairs. When we got her upstairs, she was very disoriented and all she wanted to do was lay down. After a family prayer, I laid with her the entire night. We thought she would not make it through the night. I picked her up a couple of times and took her outside. Anytime she was on her feet, she would stumble and almost fall. She would wander off like she didn't know where she was. I had to go get her and carry her back into the house. By morning time, you could tell she was really suffering. I called the vet and made arrangements. We all cried like babies. It was one of the more difficult things I've done in quite a while. We brought her home and Kayden and I buried her in the backyard. It was very difficult for all of us. I know it will be for you too when you are reading about this. She was 10 years old. Boxers average life span is 8-9 years. When we read your email last week and you mentioned that one of the things you wanted to do was pet Roxy, we thought for sure that would be one thing we would see you do for sure. It was later that night when things went bad. She literally turned for the worst in one night. The vet doctor told us after looking at Roxy that we were doing the right thing.
I know you are probably tearing up right now, but I gave one last kiss to Roxy from you. As you know, she is in a much better place and not hurting anymore. She was truly part of our family!
Hey everyone!
Well I'm pretty sad after reading the news about Roxy. I was really looking forward to seeing her again this week. I actually had that on my list of things to do while I'm home. I was really excited to see her. Anyways, I don't want to waste a lot of time writing a long email when I'm going to see you guys in two days. Man that is so weird. There are some things I want to talk about so if y'all can chat that would be great!! Thanks!! I'll be waiting!
Sorry for the bad news. It is okay! She was ready to go, I promise. What's going on?
It's okay. I'm glad she is out of her misery.
So I need to know if I have money on my card? And I want to know my flight information. The secretaries haven't called me yet. I'll call them today. Do y'all have it??
Do you know if you are traveling with other missionaries or do you think you will be traveling solo? 
I'll put some more money on your card for traveling. I'll give you another $50 by Wednesday.
I'm pretty sure ill be solo! I don't see why I'd have someone with me!
I just forwarded to you your flight itinerary. Let me know when you get it. Are you in your new area yet? How is that going?
I just got the information! Thanks! that's a long day right there.....but I can handle it! haha the area is great! I'm loving it! It's a lot different but I'm going to have a lot more success! I'm more out in the fields and boonies but love it!! My clothes are a whole lot dirtier after the day is over! haha
Yes, you are going to have a long day of travel. I'm glad you are enjoying your new area. Work hard these last few days before you leave. Will your companion just stay with the other two elders in your apartment. You'll have to send us pictures of your new place. How is your new place compared to your last one?
It's nice! I'll bring pictures home! Yeah we are working super hard! Don't worry! We found 6 people this week and they all came to church!! I should be having some baptisms when I get back! I can't wait!! The house is a lot smaller but I really like it!
I've got to get back to work! I love you and can't wait to see you. I will be picking you up at 6:00 in the morning on Thursday. I'm taking Thursday and Friday off. The district attorney's office wants to meet with you on Thursday when you get in. I'm thinking Friday maybe we can do a little golf. :)
Yeah that sounds good to me!! I love you!! See you Thursday!!! :)
Are you still there, Kyler?
Yeah!! but I have to go soon!! Is there a Buford football game Friday!?
There is a game against East Hall.  I worry about you getting too comfy and having too much fun and not wanting to go back.
I am so happy about your new companion and the new area.
Of course I want to go!! Trust me I'll be fine!! haha I'm gonna come back!! I couldn't not when I'm trying to set an example for Kayden and everyone! Plus I'm leaving my stuff here so I have a reason to come back!
Alrighty I have to go!! I love you!! I can't wait to see you guys!!
I love you with all my heart! I am so happy to be able to see you, but wish it was under different circumstances! But, I can't wait to put my arms around you and look at you constantly for a week!!
Bring home anything that you want to get rid of. Bring home all your camera stuff so we can download your pictures, etc. Do you need any new batteries for things?  Take inventory of what you might need. Make a list of places you want to eat. Can't wait to see you!!
Love you bunches and bunches!!

Week 36

October 21, 2013

Hey everyone!!! 

What a crazy week!!!! between transfers, leaving my area of 8 months, and finding out ill be home in 10 days for 2 weeks was a little overwhelming. On top of all that I was battling being area trunkie....but I didn't not let that get to me! I told my companion I don't want to be like some of those missionaries that know they're leaving and get lazy in their area so we worked!!! And now I feel good about it!! so we go the changes last night at midnight! so I was up pretty dang late!! but I found out I'm going to Quillacoyo!! ill still be here in Cochabamba which is okay! But the best part is my companion!! Elder Rojas!!! I was with him here in Sarco for the longest time!! I'm sure you guys remember all my stories with him!! well hes great!! a hard worker and great guy! can get lazy from time to time but ill help him with that. I'm excited about the area because it considered pretty successful!! my zone leader will be my dad, Elder Rodriguez and I'll be sharing a house with him and living with 4 missionaries!! It's going to be a great experience! 

As far as coming home I wasn't too excited at first but now I've given it thought and prayer and I'm excited! not many missionaries get this opportunity so I'm going to make the most of it! I got a call from president telling me all the details but he wasn't exactly sure yet either. I'm going to call the secretaries this week to get all the information! I've started making a list of things to do when I'm home!!! It's somewhat long, but I'm excited!! haha I'll share some ideas when we chat! Well I love you guys!!! I cant wait to talk!!

Elder Berrett

Hey bud - it's Dad - sounds like things are going good! Are you saying that you are going back to be with a companion that you have already had?? How crazy is that? When do you leave for Quillacoyo? How far is that from where you are now?
So, you arrive on the 31st in Atlanta at about 6:00am. You leave Cochabamba on the 30th.You have a layover in Santa Cruz, then fly to Santiago, Chile. Then it's a straight flight to Atlanta.

No he was another missionary here in Sarco with me but in another companionship! I just know him very well! I'm very excited! its about 2 hours away! its on the very edge of cCcha! so I'm pretty far from everything!
We have very mixed emotions about you coming home. Obviously, we want to see you but we don't want to interrupt your mission. But, we know if this will help Michael and Tara, then it's the right thing to do. 
Obviously you know you will still be a missionary and will have to live like one while you are here, so I think it will be important not to plan too much while you are here. I'm talking about calling friends, hanging out, etc...Does that make sense?

Yeah of course, I'm not planning on doing that really. One thing I want to do more than anything is go hit some baseballs and take grounders. I hope y'all don't have a problem with that! President told me stuff like that isn't a problem!
Oh yeah! We can do stuff like that. That shouldn't be a problem. Kayden will enjoy that. Do you think you will have a hard time going back to Bolivia after being back? Hopefully, after being out 8 months and knowing how fast the time passes, you'll be ready to go back and serve.
I'm not scared about that at all! I'll enjoy my time home but I'll be ready to get back here! It helps that I have a new area and companion to be excited about!
What about inviting someone like Cameron over for dinner and just hanging out at the house? Of course I'm not going to sleep over at his house or anything.
I think I'll have to be your companion while you are here. We'll have to figure all that out over the next few weeks. Like Mom said, make sure you pack light coming home so you can take other stuff back to Bolivia with you. What else are you thinking about doing while you are here, anything?
Yeah I'll be smart about packing! 
I have a list:
Go to Walmart and buy everything
eat everywhere and everything
hit baseballs and take grounders
driving range and play golf
shower without flip flops
walk on carpet bare foot
pet Roxy
drink water from the tap
eat strawberries and lettuce
go to Buford Football game
I'm sure I'll think of more!

I told Manning that he can't sleep with me when you're home because you will be sleeping in between me and dad :)

hahaha yes!! of course that!!! I cant wait! :)
I also think it would be fun to have a Sunday dinner with everyone!
I'm sure inviting Cameron over for dinner will not be a problem. Jackson Humphrey seems to be getting better. He still has short term memory loss. It's pretty strange, he can remember things from months ago or years ago but he can't remember things from 15 minutes ago. He is being moved to a different hospital today and will probably be there for a week or so  before coming home.
You mentioned Elder Rodriguez being your Dad. What is  that all about? I thought I was your Dad?? :o)

Oh we are already planning on that.  And of course you will pick what we eat.  So be thinking about that.
Thats good about Jackson!! I hope he can fully recover quick!! 
haha He's my dad because he's my trainer. Your second companion is your mom ( hich I don't have because I went straight to training). I'm Elder Rodriguez's son. Elder Vaca is my son and Elder Rodriguez is his grandpa! The other elder that Elder Rodriguez trained earlier in his mission is my older brother. Understand?? haha

Okay - understand! That is too funny! :) Notice how I didn't put a nose on my smiley face guy. Mom says that is cheesy. She made fun of the last one I did. She said guys don't put noses on smiley face guys. So, I didn't.
How are you doing weight wise? Have you lost, gained, about the same? Do you feel like your Spanish is almost there?

Yeah the Spanish seems so much better!! I'm scared about not using it for 2 weeks though. My weight is good! I want to gain more muscle though.
Great!! Kayden knows about me coming home right?? I was hoping there was a small chance y'all didn't tell them and I could surprise him and the other kids.
Hey I have to go! but I'll chat with you guys next Monday!! I love you guys!! If y'all could put a little more money on my card I could go to La Cancha (the giant flee market place) and bring you guys back cool stuff from Bolivia!! I love you all so much! Have a great week!! 

Okay - love ya bud! I've got to go. Work hard for the next few weeks. Don't get trunkie coming home this first time. :)
(I didn't use a nose again).
Manning said since your are coming home on Halloween, you can go out dressed as a missionary.

haha love you too! Tell him I was thinking the same thing!! 
I love you!!