Thursday, December 5, 2013

Week 36

October 21, 2013

Hey everyone!!! 

What a crazy week!!!! between transfers, leaving my area of 8 months, and finding out ill be home in 10 days for 2 weeks was a little overwhelming. On top of all that I was battling being area trunkie....but I didn't not let that get to me! I told my companion I don't want to be like some of those missionaries that know they're leaving and get lazy in their area so we worked!!! And now I feel good about it!! so we go the changes last night at midnight! so I was up pretty dang late!! but I found out I'm going to Quillacoyo!! ill still be here in Cochabamba which is okay! But the best part is my companion!! Elder Rojas!!! I was with him here in Sarco for the longest time!! I'm sure you guys remember all my stories with him!! well hes great!! a hard worker and great guy! can get lazy from time to time but ill help him with that. I'm excited about the area because it considered pretty successful!! my zone leader will be my dad, Elder Rodriguez and I'll be sharing a house with him and living with 4 missionaries!! It's going to be a great experience! 

As far as coming home I wasn't too excited at first but now I've given it thought and prayer and I'm excited! not many missionaries get this opportunity so I'm going to make the most of it! I got a call from president telling me all the details but he wasn't exactly sure yet either. I'm going to call the secretaries this week to get all the information! I've started making a list of things to do when I'm home!!! It's somewhat long, but I'm excited!! haha I'll share some ideas when we chat! Well I love you guys!!! I cant wait to talk!!

Elder Berrett

Hey bud - it's Dad - sounds like things are going good! Are you saying that you are going back to be with a companion that you have already had?? How crazy is that? When do you leave for Quillacoyo? How far is that from where you are now?
So, you arrive on the 31st in Atlanta at about 6:00am. You leave Cochabamba on the 30th.You have a layover in Santa Cruz, then fly to Santiago, Chile. Then it's a straight flight to Atlanta.

No he was another missionary here in Sarco with me but in another companionship! I just know him very well! I'm very excited! its about 2 hours away! its on the very edge of cCcha! so I'm pretty far from everything!
We have very mixed emotions about you coming home. Obviously, we want to see you but we don't want to interrupt your mission. But, we know if this will help Michael and Tara, then it's the right thing to do. 
Obviously you know you will still be a missionary and will have to live like one while you are here, so I think it will be important not to plan too much while you are here. I'm talking about calling friends, hanging out, etc...Does that make sense?

Yeah of course, I'm not planning on doing that really. One thing I want to do more than anything is go hit some baseballs and take grounders. I hope y'all don't have a problem with that! President told me stuff like that isn't a problem!
Oh yeah! We can do stuff like that. That shouldn't be a problem. Kayden will enjoy that. Do you think you will have a hard time going back to Bolivia after being back? Hopefully, after being out 8 months and knowing how fast the time passes, you'll be ready to go back and serve.
I'm not scared about that at all! I'll enjoy my time home but I'll be ready to get back here! It helps that I have a new area and companion to be excited about!
What about inviting someone like Cameron over for dinner and just hanging out at the house? Of course I'm not going to sleep over at his house or anything.
I think I'll have to be your companion while you are here. We'll have to figure all that out over the next few weeks. Like Mom said, make sure you pack light coming home so you can take other stuff back to Bolivia with you. What else are you thinking about doing while you are here, anything?
Yeah I'll be smart about packing! 
I have a list:
Go to Walmart and buy everything
eat everywhere and everything
hit baseballs and take grounders
driving range and play golf
shower without flip flops
walk on carpet bare foot
pet Roxy
drink water from the tap
eat strawberries and lettuce
go to Buford Football game
I'm sure I'll think of more!

I told Manning that he can't sleep with me when you're home because you will be sleeping in between me and dad :)

hahaha yes!! of course that!!! I cant wait! :)
I also think it would be fun to have a Sunday dinner with everyone!
I'm sure inviting Cameron over for dinner will not be a problem. Jackson Humphrey seems to be getting better. He still has short term memory loss. It's pretty strange, he can remember things from months ago or years ago but he can't remember things from 15 minutes ago. He is being moved to a different hospital today and will probably be there for a week or so  before coming home.
You mentioned Elder Rodriguez being your Dad. What is  that all about? I thought I was your Dad?? :o)

Oh we are already planning on that.  And of course you will pick what we eat.  So be thinking about that.
Thats good about Jackson!! I hope he can fully recover quick!! 
haha He's my dad because he's my trainer. Your second companion is your mom ( hich I don't have because I went straight to training). I'm Elder Rodriguez's son. Elder Vaca is my son and Elder Rodriguez is his grandpa! The other elder that Elder Rodriguez trained earlier in his mission is my older brother. Understand?? haha

Okay - understand! That is too funny! :) Notice how I didn't put a nose on my smiley face guy. Mom says that is cheesy. She made fun of the last one I did. She said guys don't put noses on smiley face guys. So, I didn't.
How are you doing weight wise? Have you lost, gained, about the same? Do you feel like your Spanish is almost there?

Yeah the Spanish seems so much better!! I'm scared about not using it for 2 weeks though. My weight is good! I want to gain more muscle though.
Great!! Kayden knows about me coming home right?? I was hoping there was a small chance y'all didn't tell them and I could surprise him and the other kids.
Hey I have to go! but I'll chat with you guys next Monday!! I love you guys!! If y'all could put a little more money on my card I could go to La Cancha (the giant flee market place) and bring you guys back cool stuff from Bolivia!! I love you all so much! Have a great week!! 

Okay - love ya bud! I've got to go. Work hard for the next few weeks. Don't get trunkie coming home this first time. :)
(I didn't use a nose again).
Manning said since your are coming home on Halloween, you can go out dressed as a missionary.

haha love you too! Tell him I was thinking the same thing!! 
I love you!!

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