Thursday, December 5, 2013

Week 41

November 25, 2013
Hello Everyone!!
Wow! I can't lie, it feels a little weird to be back!! It was hard at first but I'm good now!! I feel good about the next year! I told myself that I only get one more year to do this so I might as well make the most of it. Hopefully everyone is doing well! I'm interested to hear so hopefully I can talk to y'all for a bit!
This week was good. The rain the season is starting so i feel like I've been wet since I got back. But I cant lie, it's a good feeling to get home at night all wet and muddy knowing we worked through it all! I'm happiest here in the mission when I'm actually outside the house and working. So I guess that's not a bad thing actually! haha The first couple days I was a little rusty with the Spanish so iIjust spoke a whole lot to get it going again and I'm pretty much back up to par!  We've been teaching and finding a whole lot of people so it's been well! We have about 4 progressing investigators that are really committed and they're all great! We just got to get them out to church a little more and hopefully we can have some baptisms next month!! Anyways things are well! I hope I can chat you guys a bit because i have some questions! haha I love you guys! Can't wait to hear from y'all!!
Elder Berrett
He also sent his mom a letter :)....
Hey mommy!
First off, I love and miss you! It really was awesome to be home with you! I cant' wait to be with y'all again but I'm enjoying my time here. So it looks like no one is getting on so I'll just ask you things I had on my mind before I forget.....
First, I haven't opened any of my 12 days of Christmas! I'm gonna wait! But I just want to know if it matters the order? Or can i just pick one, read the scripture for it and open it?
Also I was going to ask and beg for you guys to start the college apps. Dad said he'd get started and finish them by the end of the year. He may have to call each school and see how the deferring works. I'm sorry I didn't get much if not any of that done while I was there....sorry, I was distracted a lot! haha  Remember BYU, UU, UVU, SLCC, LDSBC. Thanks so much!! I love y'all!
Oh and I got a Christmas package from Aunt Tami!! Please tell her thank you so much and I love it!!!
Last thing...can you please put face wash in my next package!! alright!!
Thanks so much!! I love you!! tell everyone hello and send them my love!
Elder Breezi
Hey!! I'm leaving now!! Sorry :(  I love you guys!!
And that was all we got!  He actually was online for an hour before we noticed and he ended up having to leave before we could communicate!  :( 
(maybe next week!)

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