Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 43

December 9, 2013
hey everyone!!
Another week here has flown by!!! We had a great week!! We are working hard and it's paying off for sure!! As a district, we made a goal to have 40 people with a baptism date. That's setting the bar pretty high for only 4 companionships, but my companion and I held up our end of the deal and ended up with 10 people with a baptism date! So please be praying for them. This is Saturday we have a for sure baptism with Andres. I believe I told you all about him last week. So that's exciting!! We are working hard everyday and it makes the time go so much faster. And now that the baptisms are starting to come and we are finding and teaching a whole lot more its starting to get addicting! It's really all the motivation I need!!
Yesterday there was a huge Christmas Devotional at the temple where people from all over Bolivia come and sang in choirs, members and non members! There were thousands of people! It was fun! I think I have a few pictures to share.
Other than that everything is going great!! We have found some FAMILIES to teach that have a lot of interest so that's exciting. We are hoping to help them be families united in the Gospel and have true happiness, like we do. It's a blessing that I have the chance to do that. I love you all!! Have a great week!!
Elder Berrett
Hey bud - it's Dad - you still there?
You sound so good! It sounds like things are really progressing. I am very excited and happy for you and your companion. A lot of prayers continue to come your way. Me and Manning say a prayer every day on the way to school. He has come out of his shell and will take turns with me now. The first thing he says every time is, "bless Kyler and his companion". It's awesome! Did you see Mom's email to you about everything going on here?
Hey! Yes I am! What's going on?!
Awww, dang that's so awesome about Manning! Tell him I pray for him and everyone everyday!
Yeah I read it!! Everything seems awesome! A puppy!? haha awesome!!!
Hi babe - it's Mom! How are you? Is it raining there cause we are going to have to build an ark if it doesn't stop here! :)
hahah Hi mom. You're so funny.
Sacrament meeting yesterday was really good. They had Kayden speak first, then Dallin Wrathall, who is leaving on his mission. Then Tim Brannon who just got home. They all did a great job. Tim was very good. I was real impressed with him. We had a weekend of service ourselves. We helped Jeff and Marisa move some furniture around on Saturday and then after dinner last night, we helped Joe and Laurie move some stuff around. They are both making a few changes to their homes. The missionaries on our ward ate dinner with us yesterday. One of them goes home in 3 weeks. He said he doesn't know where the time went. He has very mixed emotions about going home. He's excited but loves the Lord's work.
Do you feel pretty good about your Spanish now? I was real impressed with it when you were home. You knew a lot more than I did. I'm sure you feel real good when you are talking about the gospel. Every day conversations can probably still be a little challenging.
Thats awesome!! I'm sure he did great! Tell him to check his email because I wrote him like 3 weeks ago! I've been waiting!!
The Spanish is better than ever! I'm still studying though everyday!
I really hope you love Christmas time in Bolivia. It was my favorite time when I was in Chile. I think the reason was because it was so simple. There were very few presents being exchanged. All of the kids loved what they did get but they weren't expecting anything. It was so much easier to focus on what we should be focusing on. Take it all in and find a deep appreciation of what these third world countries do to celebrate the birth of our Savior. There's no pressure, no stress, no expectations from children on what they are getting. Of course, this was over 20 years ago for me so I guess things could have changed and I was in a different country, so who knows. Either way, learn to enjoy it! This might be your only Christmas away from home to learn something new.
Any plans for p-day today?
Thanks so much.
That's exactly what I want to do and learn from all this.
We are going as a zone to the stake center to make smoothies and play basketball and soccer today!
It sounds like you have a fun day planned! Do you have any investigators your meeting with tonight?
Yeah!! We have 2 family home evenings with investigators!!
Alright, I've got to go. I know we always say it, but just know how much we love you and pray for you. We are all so proud of the work you are doing! Work hard and then work even harder! You will be blessed and you will bless many lives because of your faithfulness.
Until next week!!
Love, Dad
Well that's exciting! Good luck and we'll be praying for you. How are you getting along with your companion? Do you like your new home? And how about the area?
Thanks Dad!! I love you too! Tell everyone I love them and I'm praying for them!!
How much time do you have left? I am just heading back to the office from running an errand and would love to have more time to chat!
Like 2 minutes :((
Well that's not enough time! Just know that I love you and that I am so proud of you. I am thankful for your example not only to myself but to the kids and to other family members. I'm thankful for your hard work and your dedication. I love you with my whole heart! I miss you but wouldn't want it any other way. Have a great week. Good luck and we'll be praying for you!!
Love you bunches! - Mom

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