Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 44

December 16, 2013
Hey peeps!!
I really don't know where the time is going. I know I say that pretty much every week but it's so true. I literally woke up this morning and saw that it was the 16th of December! What the heck!! This has been the fastest 10 months.
So this week went great!! The rain season is coming on so we pretty much go home wet every night!! Its okay though!! I cant lie...i like it! It's fun and it's a good feeling knowing we worked all day in the rain, knowing we could have made excuses to go inside. It's actually the best method to get into houses and teach because people feel bad so they let us in the house hehehehe We're so smart!
Tomorrow is the big Christmas Zone Conference with the mission! I'm actually pretty excited! They say it's a night full of fun and games with President and all the other missionaries! haha I was invited to sing in the mission choir, so we will be singing a few songs at that as well! It should be fun!
So the highlight of my week was our baptism we had with Andres Rocha! He was the only one left from his family not to be baptized. They were all baptized about 6 months back. I've never seen a family so happy as they were on Saturday. We gave each one of them time to give their testimonies. The spirit was so strong, it was awesome. Everyone was crying.(even me) haha Andres expressed to us that he wants to serve a mission. My companion and I lost it. We were so excited. He was so happy too. I'll send y'all the pics in a bit of the baptism. His dad, who just received the aaronic priesthood 3 weeks ago baptized him. That's exactly what we wanted too, so it was perfect. It was kinda funny but cute when his dad who was so nervous baptized him, messed up on the prayer 5 times so I said it and he repeated and then when he finally got it, he didn't put Andres under the water completely! The slightest little part of his elbow was sticking out.  So he finally got it on the 6th time! haha It was a funny moment for everyone though! Anyways, things are great here! Time is flying! I cant wait to hear from you all!! I love you!
Elder Berrett
I sent him an email and updated him on the whole family.  This was his reply...
Wow!! Looks like everything is going awesome!! I'm jealous of Dakota!!! What the heck!! He looks like hes going to be huge....
And of course another Buford State Championship! Proud Alumni here!! I love it!! Now its time for Kayden to bring another to the diamond!
Uncle Russ! ahh That's awesome! Seems like y'all had a great time!! And Casey engaged!! what!? He mentioned it to me when I was home for a few weeks! Dang I'm pumped!! Tell him I'm still waiting for pictures of his girl! hahaha I just want to see....hahaha
12 days of Christmas has been pretty awesome! I love it! Thank you so much! haha
Hello my sweet boy! I can't believe how fast the time is passing, too! Don't take this the wrong way...But I told dad the other night that it is getting kinda hard writing each Monday cause I feel like I have already told you everything the last week! I feel like I just repeat myself over and over again! :)  But I wouldn't miss it!
Congratulations on another Baptism! I am so happy for you and your companion, but I am more happy for Andres and his family! Can you imagine what this will mean for many generations to come?  It is so exciting when you think of the possibilities!!
The Christmas get together sounds like a fun night! I bet you just love getting together with everyone! (you get to see all your buddies and hang out with them for a while!) And you are singing in the program! Mr. Fowler would be so proud! :P
Have you opened any of the other stuff that was sent home with you? Oh, by the way, I did not slip Kayden's shoes into your bag, he did! He came to me while I was packing and said that he wanted you to have them! So you can thank him for that.
Hey I love your emails each week!! I love weekly updates on the family! I feel like so much happens and changes on a weekly basis!
Tell Kayden thank you!! But I already thanked him in an email I sent a few weeks back! He still hasn't responded! Did he get it! I've been waiting for him to respond.
Well, don't worry I will keep updating you each week. :) (I wouldn't not write you!)
I told Kayden last week to check for your email. I guess he hasn't yet.  One of the things I want to improve on in the new year is getting the kids to write to you each week. So hopefully that will happen!
Has your companion enjoyed his 12 days of Christmas? Has he gotten any gifts from home?
ahh I would love that from them!!
He told me to give them to Elder Vaca, so that's what I'm going to do when I see him next. We both agreed he would enjoy it and needed it more! Elder Rojas and I are just sharing mine! haha
Oh that is so awesome! I am so happy for that. I guess you can take them all with you tomorrow night and he can continue to open them up until Christmas? Did I send any gifts for your companion? Did I send any for you? (can't remember...sorry)
I have a few from both Grandmas and the 12 days. That's it! But that's enough! haha
Well, remember that we got you those awesome soccer cleats and stuff! :)
Of course!! haha I remember that!! That's what I"m saying!! I'm good!
Ok, good! Well, it looks like Dad isn't going to be able to get on today. He mentioned to me this morning that he probably wouldn't get a chance. I know that he is very proud of you! It is really an amazing feeling to have a missionary in the field! It seems like we have been given blessings and experiences that we normally would not have had. So thank you for that!
haha Hey, its not me! I can feel them too! Heavenly Father is just blessing us more since we've clearly bettered ourselves in the Gospel the past few years!
He sure is, but thank you for giving of your time to serve Him! I am so grateful for your example! You make me so proud!!
It's easy to do, knowing that everyone is receiving blessings....I have to go now. I love you. Tell everyone I love them! Until next week!!
I love you!!! Enjoy your week and looking forward to next Monday!! MUAH

The Rocha Family

Me and Andres (and his dad)

A puppy

Last P-day

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