Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 72

June 30, 2014

Hey peeps,

Well I'm so tired. I'm always tired now. I was tired before but lately I've been tired on a whole different level. I think as Berrett's we have a sleepy syndrome because I've been waking up at 630 for almost 17 months now and no matter how much I do it, and no matter how early I go to bed it's still to this day soooooo hard for me to do. I'm jealous of the guys that automatically wake up at 630 without an alarm. I don't understand. I'm always so tired. I hate it but its a good feeling at the end of the day knowing I fought through it. haha

Tuesday was a typical zone leader day. We were in the city early in the morning to pay for some medicine for some elders that went allllllll the way to the city to go to the doctor, without money. So we get a call at 8 in the morning asking if we can come and pay for their fun! We then went to our district meeting, where my comp and I gave a pep talk to the zone. We were doing so well as a zone due to the competition that was going on and last Sunday night the competition ended.  So we just told them that there is no reason to stop working hard, and that now it's simply a competition against Satan. Last night when we got their numbers we were super proud and happy, because they are working like it's still a competition! So good for them! 

Wednesday was awesome!!! We had our last conference with President Dyer. At the conferences we have to get up in front of all the zones and announce our numbers for the month and explain how the zone is doing. After we did that, president announced who won the Golden Zone Award. It was really intense and exciting moment!!! But.......WE WON. Zona Sacaba is the best Zone in the Bolivia Cochabamba mission!! We got a cool pin I'll show y'all later. The zone was so happy. They are pretty proud! haha Me too! I'm proud of them!! :) haha

I loved President and Sister Dyers last words to us. Two topics I didn't see coming, President said no matter what we do in life, just pay our tithing. It is so true. If you're paying tithing, nothing can go wrong because your have the Lords promise that he'll pour out his blessings. So much we won't even have room to receive it. And Sister Dyers last words to us were very interesting, but she gave us the 13 tips to finding our future eternal companions! hahaha Wow!! You talk about a funny but insanely awesome talk! We were told to write them down then put that paper away and not look at it til the end of the mission. haha I'd love to share that list but it is in my house. But it was actually great advice that I'll be willing to follow! 

As far as the work goes, we had a normal week. Sandra is getting baptized the 26th of July, so be praying for her. She's nervous but really wants to do it. I love you all. I love this work! I do/don't like to think about going home in December. But for now I'm trying not to think of it. Y'all are awesome! Have a wonderful week!!! 

Elder Berrett

Today we went to the Christ statue! It was nice but super tiring!

The Sisters photo bombing!

The Golden Zone chilin with Jesus!

Sup bro?

Our last picture with Presidente Dyer and Sis Dyer.

This cute little girl got baptized last week!! She's my #1 English student!! She was a baptism from the other Elders but I told her I wouldn't miss her baptism for the world! She's so cute its not even funny!

Golden Zone pin. Zona De Oro 
PS - Golden is my middle name.

Eating lunch with members on Saturday.

Saturday night we didn't have dinner so we cooked ourselves!! Hamburgers!!!!!!!!!! 

Week 71

June 23, 2014


I'm loving the mission life but at the same time I'm loving the hype of the World Cup!!!! We literally can't escape the games. If we walk into a members house they tell us we can come in and eat but they refuse to turn the TV off. It's pretty funny but to be honest I'm okay with it! Its actually a mission rule that we aren't allowed to ask people to turn stuff off.

Anyways, this week flew by!! A lot of good things are happening here in Sacaba!! I'm super excited! Tuesday we didn't get a whole lot done because I had to take my comp to his new comp and I had to wait a few hours in the airport for mine to arrive from Sucre. So I was there for a good bit, but it was fun. Elder Kenney and I spent 10 bolivianos in the massage chairs (it's 1 boliviano per turn) so I enjoyed that. Once I got my comp we took him to the house, dropped his stuff off and I took him to show him the area and introduce him to a few investigators. His name is Elder Nicho from Peru. He's so awesome!! I love the dude! He's so spiritual and works hard. I'm so happy to be with him.

Thursday we were in the city all day because my companion had to do his legal documents and stuff. They randomly call different missionaries to go update or renew their documents. Next month I'll be illegal because my Bolivian ID expires, so I'll have to go do that. After that we had to be in the offices to do the zone's finances. We did end the day with a great lesson with Sandra. She loves the church and people. She wants to get baptized but is just scared for the temptations after, but she's going to do it. We promised her that she would over come those, thanks to Jesus Christ and the atonement and the holy ghost guiding her. She only didn't like that we set a date for her. She wants to choose. So we let her pray and think about it and the next day she called and chose the 26th of July.  A little far but we were okay with it because we are sure she will complete it. 

Friday we had a zone meeting so we could make some announcements and meet all the new members of the zone since we had transfers. I'm honestly so excited about the zone. We have so many missionaries that are willing to work so hard and sacrifice everything and that makes my life easier and makes our success a whole lot easier! 

Yesterday we had 6 investigators at church. We were excited for that.  After church my comp and I went to contact a family that I  found in the street a few weeks back. They are going through hard times as their father died 7 months ago. It's a mother and her 4 children. The oldest in Jimena.  She is 13. She's really sick and hasn't been to school for 4 months. I don't remember what you call the disease that she has, but her nerves are really weak and her bones as well. She's so cute and just wants the best for her family. We taught them the plan of salvation and they were asking so many questions and were so happy that they can see their dad again. They asked if he will be able to repent and enter Gods Kingdom. (he died while he was drunk). We explained the spirit world and that amazing stuff and she began to cry. We are going to be praying and working hard with this family. Jimena ended with the prayer and she didn't say one thing about her health, she just asked that her family can be blessed and that they could one day have a house of their own as they are living in a very humble room they are renting. My companion and I were bawling when we said amen and we lifted our heads up. That was a moment I'll never forget as long as I live. We are so lucky to live were we live and to have the people we live with. I know for a fact that families are eternal. They are the most important thing we can have, that's why God is willing to let them last forever. I know these things are true. I'm so happy to be where I am. My life is changing here. Experiences like this just make me want to be happy. I truly don't care as much about the material things anymore. Those don't last but our families do, and that I'm sure of.

I love you all so much. This church is 100% true. I'm so grateful to be here. I'm sad its slowly but surely coming to an end. I feel like there is still so much to learn and so many people to meet. I love Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful for his sacrifice for us. I don't deserve it, but I'll take it. Everyone have a great week and I cant wait to hear your updates next week! 

Elder Berrett

Week 70

June 16, 2014

What's up!?

Well, let me first start off with a USA USA USA!!!!! Wow I'm in the country with the worst soccer team alive and there is still a World Cup fever here like no other!!!! We can't pass a store or house that doesn't have the world cup on! I bought a USA jersey today and I'm reppin it now. I'll send the pics I have. Good thing I have an appointment today at 6 right when they play because it would be a great temptation for me to sit down watch it. 

This week was sooooooooo crazy. I felt so overwhelmed with things to do and people to please haha. Monday was fun. We went and played paintball with the zone.  We had a blast. I have some pictures with my bff Elder Weekes. haha

Tuesday we had our district meeting and after we went and helped the sisters move out of their house and into their new one. I think I told y'all about their house situation last week. After that we had to go to the offices to do the zone finances. So our day was basically taken up by those two things! 

So the mission is doing this competition to see what zone can gain the most new investigators, people committed to baptism, and people baptized in two weeks, last week and this week. And last night when we reported the numbers we (ZONA SACABA) were in FIRST!!!!!! What's up!!?? And we have a smaller zone! We get the title of the golden zone, a pin for the jacket that says "the golden zone" and a wallet that say's Mission Bolivia Cochabamba! So this week we are working hard! We had four baptism as a zone, 73 people committed to baptism and 107 new ones!!!!! So this week we have to do the same!! My comp and I had a baptism, 8 people committed and 25 new! So we actually had a good bit of time to work!! If we didn't have an appointment, we were knocking doors like mad men. It was actually pretty fun. 

So, Friday morning we get a call from Rubens who was to get baptized on Saturday. I answer the phone and he tells me he can't get baptized. So we went to his house to find out why. After 2 hours of conversing, sharing scriptures, and praying he decided he was going to do it. He just had the typical nerves that everyone has before baptism. He was scared to let God down. He thought we are expected to be perfect. We helped him understand what he had to do and he agreed! We had a great baptism the next day! I'll send the pics.

Well, the mission is amazing. I love it and to be honest I'm not ready for it to end. I want to enjoy these next six months and take it all in. I love how much I've grown and how much more converted to the gospel I am. I'm not perfect by any means, but I know I'm better than before and I guess that's one of the reasons I'm here right!? haha We had changes last night, unfortunately my comp is changing :( I'm pretty sad. I've loved my time with him but now I'm going to be with Elder Nicho from Peru. I love him! He's the man. So I'm looking forward to that!! Well I'm officially on the last 6 months. It's sad to me.  I have no understanding of time. Everyone have a great week! I love you all, i love this work, i love this church, i love the gospel, and i love Jesus Christ. I've learned when i just focus every lesson teach on him everything turns out well. 

Until next week!
Elder Berrett


Me and my comp!!

Playing soccer this morning.

Rubens baptism!!! :) 

The place was packed. Here are some of the people there. hahaha

Me, Ruben and my companion.

Me and Ruben 

Me and Elder Weekes.

Me and Weekes after the freezing water!

Week 69

June 9, 2014

HUALEGIA PUNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FECHAS, NUEVOS, Y BAUTISMOS!!!!!!!!!!! Word! The work is picking up and going!!!!!! I can't even keep up with it sometimes. It's annoying but great at the same time. I open up my agenda to make an appointment with someone and I cant do it the day they want because I'm full with appointments or meetings or something! It's a great thing though. I love it!

Tuesday was kind of a bum day. Super busy but just not with lessons. We had our district meeting and after we had to go with the assistants and some sisters from our zone to go look for a new house for them. Why? Because its haunted. Well that's what they tell us. haha They don't feel comfortable there so we had to go look for a new house. It's been kind of a pain all week but they figured it out and found a nice house. Tomorrow we will help them move in. After that we had to do finances allllll the way down town at the offices, so we had almost no time to work. We taught like 2 lessons. Not bad for how little time we had.

Wednesday was awesome. The first Wednesday of every month is the zone leaders meeting of the mission. It's was super cool. President speaks about everything that's going on in the mission and church and teaches us a few things. I love that man. Also a few randomly chosen companionships teach lessons. One companionship backed out literally 5 minutes before because one elder got super sick so Elder Weekes being my best bud and the assistant to president begged us to fill in. So we went up there in front of president and about 30 of the most experienced and best missionaries and....WINGED IT. But it ended up being really cool! We taught about teaching people and not lessons. I used D&C 50:13-22 to end the lesson. It was actually super fun. I love speaking in front of big groups. The leaders meeting was super sad at the end. President shared his last testimony and we sang a song and everyone cried and blah blah blah. I don't want to talk about it because it makes me want to cry right now. hahaha I hate crying now. Before the mission I always did it, haha but yeah it was super sad. I'm going to miss him a bunch! 

Thursday was so FUN! We worked all day long without distractions!!!!! We taught 8 lessons and found a bunch of news people. We currently have 6 people with a baptism date. I feel really good about a bunch of them too. We need to commit more people though. So we have another baptism this week!! I'm excited! It's another 20 year old guy!!! His name is Rubens. We've been teaching him since I got here! He's the man and super ready for Saturday!  haha I kind of want to baptize a woman before I go home, haha or a girl. I don't care, just a female! I've only baptized men!!  But it's okay, I'm happy, more PRIESTHOOD HOLDERS!!!!!! 

Sunday was a great day! We had 3 very important investigators come to church and they loved it. The ward is great! I love them! 

Well family and friends....i love being a missionary. i wish time would slow down for me. This is the only time in my life I will be authorized to invite someone to follow the Saviors example and be baptized. It's the only time I will ever be called Elder. It's the only time I can promise people the blessing the Lord has in store as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. Sounds like everyone is great!! Dad's going to teach seminary!!!!! Word up!!!!!!! That's so awesome!! I'm pumped to talk deep doctrine with him! hahaha love you all!! have a great week! until then!!

Elder Berrett

We slept on the roof of our apartment building last night.

Push up contest with my comp!

We were coming back from down town, waiting for a taxi and some members from our ward pass by and pick us up in their huge semi!!! So I slept on the top bunk for the hour ride!! haha

Week 68

June 2, 2014


So this week was kind of awesome because we had a baptism!!! But I'm not going to lie, the life of a zone leader is a whole lot of work! But the good thing is that I love it!!! My companion and I are sooooo busy!!! I honestly don't understand where the day went when we are sitting at dinner every night. 

This weeks email will be a little short as we weren't able to get a whole lot done. Monday night on elder in my zone had to go into emergency surgery. His appendix burst and it was kind of a dramatic process but we got him into surgery and everything was fine. We just had to be in the hospital with his companion, Elder Emerson from Texas. It was cool, we were there til midnight learning magic tricks. I'll teach y'all when i get home. So we were there for a while and the next day we had to go back and do a split so Elder Emerson could shower and stuff. 

The next day we were in the offices for our interviews with President Dyer. It was my last one. Pretty sad actually. B'ut hes great and gave me a whole bunch of tips and encouragement with my new calling as zone leader. I'm actually really sad to see him go. Hopefully I can adjust well to the new president. I'm sure he'll be awesome too.

Thursday was the baptism of Alex!!!!! It was small but super spiritual and awesome!!! I love baptisms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this week we didn't get as much done because we ran around like chickens with our head cut off going from place to place, hospital to hospital, and etc. we taught about 18 lessons that went well. I will admit as much as I love being a zone leader, I miss being a normal missionary working everyday. But there's a reason why I'm here and I know God has put me here to do this work. So I'm 10000% willing to do it and love it! 

So Easton got blessed!? That's awesome!!! and Ayden is getting baptized!!!! Awesomer!!!!! Sounds like things are amazing back there! I couldn't be happier for everyone!! Well I love you all so much! Please send everyone my love!! Have a wonderful week!!

Elder Berrett

Me and Elder Weekes this morning (and others)

The baptism we had this week! His name is Alex. Hes super awesome. He's twenty and loves the church. His testimony after he was baptized was so spiritual. I was super happy for him. We had the ward mission leader do the ordinance.

The baptism and the other missionaries from our ward that were there.

Morning studies with mate!!! Hipsta!!!!

My companion and I had a picture war the other night laying in bed.