Friday, September 6, 2013

Week 29

September 2, 2013

Hey everyone!!! 

So this week was a little slower so I actually don't have a whole lot to share. Tuesday was a great day as I received 2 packages! One from the family! Thank you all so much :) I love the Panama City t-shirt and I loved the cards! haha Also I got one from Lexi, and that was amazing too! It made me a little trunkie for the night! haha Also on Tuesday I held my first English class! It was fun! We had about 7 people show up. They announced it yesterday at church so tomorrow there should be a whole lot more. We are just teaching basics, with different topics each week. Wednesday night we (the missionaries from Barrio Sarco) held an activity for the ward! It was simply a night of games for the ward to bond and have fun! It was an absolute blast!! We had about 40 people show up which isn't a whole lot for our ward but it was way fun!! I actually got sick that night and couldn't work the next day!! But, don't worry I'm all good now!! Work wise we are doing really well. We have a bunch of people coming to church and we have a bunch of dates for baptism. We prayed and talked for a while last night (my companion and I) and we decided that 3 baptisms was a great and reachable goal for the month of September. So that means we have to work hard! haha I know we can do it! Alrighty! that's all I got for y'all today! I cant wait to hear from everyone!!! I love you all!

Love Elder Berrett

Today both Rick and I missed Kyler while he was online.  
I felt so bad!!  Although, by the sounds of his letter, he seems to be doing really well!  

I can't believe that he is teaching English classes.
{I will have to tell his teacher, she will be so proud!!}

I can tell that he really loves the people in his ward and when it comes time for him to leave, it will not be easy! But, I am so happy that he has people around him that love him!!

Please pray for him and his companion and for those who they are teaching!  He would love to have a baptism.  They haven't had one in the area for a couple of years!

Until next week!

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