Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 28

August, 26,2013

Hola De Cocahabamba!! Como Estan??? Les Extrano muchismo! Puedo ver que todo esta bien en good ole Georgia!! 

{Hello from Cochabamba!  How are you?  I miss you all so much!
 I can see that all is well in good ole Georgia}

Sounds like everyone is doing well!!! Its great to see that Manning is back and playing!! and also that Carston has found his thing!! That's awesome! y'all need to get him into racing!! haha that would be amazing!!! Gosh it sounds like everything back home is picking up and flying! It seems like everyone is moving up in life so much. That's so awesome. I'm so excited for all of y'all! What a great time to be alive!! haha This was awesome!! We had Zone Conference with 4 other zones so i got to see a bunch of the guys from my group! it was awesome!  so big news......I'm in the Liahona!!!! hahha its from this month but its in a section that is only for South America! Its a picture of me and my district from the MTC talking about The Gift of Tongues!! We had a cool experience this week. We were knocking doors and we found an older mom. she told us that she has had troubles with her 19 year old son. So instead of sharing Lesson 1 i shared with her The story in Luke 15 about the Prodigal Son. She cried for an hour! We went back the next day and we met with her sons! Turns out that they've talked with missionaries before and want to hear from us!! We ended up committing them all to be baptized on the 14th of September. That's 6 people we have committed for that date! Please pray for these people! They are Violeta who is 16 and wants to be baptized! she also has permission! she just needs to attend church which she is next week! also Reber who is 19 and loves everything we have to teach. He is in the process of finding out for himself if its true. And also there is the family that I told y'all about. They are Marta, Jasmaney, Jimy, and Jimys wife Daniella!! I'm so excited!! Well that's all i can think of in the moment!! I hope all is well and that i can hear from y'all!! 

Elder Berrett

Hi! It is so good to be able to chat for a minute! Loved the pictures! It is so good to see pics of you.  I'm so happy to hear about the baptisms you have scheduled.  I hope and pray that they will be ready to receive His blessings!

How are you doing money wise? How are you getting along with your companion?  Is he becoming less shy?  What is his name so we can send him something?  Did you get our package?

Thanks so much! :) I haven't gotten any packages or letters in about 3 weeks! I'm good money wise! ill let y'all know next week!! Hes getting there!! We are working that! i just tell him that our message is a message of happiness so we NEED to smile and be happy!! His name is Hector Vaca.

He looks very sweet in the pictures.  Did you get the picture I sent you from my missionary app?

{a picture of an app on my phone showing how long he has been gone!}

Hey bud - it's Dad! I hope you got my email I sent this morning. Ican't stay on but just know I love you and am so proud. Your Spanish is awesome!! It is fast Sunday this week so we will have the family fast for your investigators.

Thanks so much Dad! i love and miss you! I think it's great your going back to school! go for it!! I love and miss you!!

Yeah, Mom!! That app is awesome!!! :) 

I will take pictures this week of everyone and send to you.  I know I haven't been very good at that! Oh my gosh, I love seeing you!

Yeah I want pictures!!! haha

You have been gone 194 days, can you believe it?

Only 194???!!!!! hahaha just kidding. Wow I didn't realize that!! that's crazy!!!! time flies!! 

Did your companion help you write the first part of your letter or are you totally fluent?

haha no I wrote that!! 

I had to ask dad what it said. (of course)  How much more time do you have?

haha none...I have to go...sorry :( I love you all!! Tell everyone I love and miss them!! Until next week!!

I love you too! Like I've said a million times, you make me so proud! I'm so happy to know that you are enjoying your mission. I will continue to pray for you and your companion.  Continue to work hard and remember that you are loved and that you are constantly in the Lord's care.
I love you - Mom

Here are some of the pictures that he sent!  I was so happy to see him!  
{to me that's proof that he's doing okay}

American Food!!!!! So good!! Thank you Hermanas from the Zone!!

The Zone BBQ

Dance Festival with the Stake

And.......for Grandma......Llamas!!!! My first time seeing them here! there were so many up there!!  

It snowed in the mountains last night so we went to have fun this morning!! 


Elder Stoddard

My district

and Zone

Elder Vaca

 Zone Conference - Elder Stoddard

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