Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week 23

July 22, 2013

Hey everyone!! I'm here!! 

This week was okay. Work wise it was great! i was sick all week with my companion. I'm pretty positive we both had strep throat. It sucked. We didn't go to the doctor because we basically were too lazy. so we basically just sucked it up! yesterday was my first day really getting over it! and today i feel great!! My companion ended up not taking out his teeth this week. we are going to do that tomorrow! we had to many important things to do to be stuck inside the house. this week week will be a little more calm so we waited. The work was great!! We had investigators at church and we got two people to commit to baptism! Milian, i believe i told you about her last week, told us that she has to stop talking to us because her kids told her our church is wrong and she needs to go to their church. haha wow. We tried to explain and help her. She was sad to tell us but she "had" to listen to her kids. She was so ready and prepared. We will continue to go back and check on her to see if she needs help with anything. We got dates for a girl named Carla! shes awesome! she came to church yesterday and loved it! Shes 21 and the people her age accepted her so well! it was great! her date is for my birthday too! also we have Jorge who is 14. we knocked his door and taught him! we went back and taught him again and he loved it. he  really likes us! we need to get him to church then we can baptize him! hopefully August 10th! I believe we were blessed for working through our sickness. That's one thing I've learned. The Lord blesses and watches his missionaries.  I had my interview with president this week! it went great! I love him so much! hes the greatest guy! it was normal stuff, but good! Transfers are this week! i actually asked president if i could stay one more transfer because i want to work a little longer here. so we will see what he says.He told me that my companion and i are for sure splitting up this time so we will see what happens! alrighty! that was my week!! Love Elder Berrett! 

This is my zona! Zona Cobija! we played against Zona Tykipia and killed them! haha we all have our jerseys minus a few new people!

our jerseys from behind! i got number 1 to represent my first zone!!

 this is me and elder Thurston after our victory! I scored 2 goals! and played goalie most the game!! i love goalie!! hahaha we won 8 to 3.

the guy in the black shirt is elder Moss. he goes home in 2 weeks! hes in the other zone but we share a the same pensionista so i know him really well. hes been a huge help to me on the mission. 

Also i finally go some new shoes! i got these brand new original nike frees for 300 bolivianos which is about 40 dollars! they're sweet! haha

I was in my first area for 7 months. It was both awesome and hard at the same time. We had lots of success but it was very difficult to leave after getting to know so many good people. If you feel it's right, hopefully the president will grant you your wish and let you work there a little longer. If not, it's time to move on and work your butt off somewhere else. Change can be hard but also very good for you. Sometimes a fresh start is what you need to re-motivate yourself. Either way, the work is the same and the Lord will continue to bless you.

 I try to listen to the scriptures on my way into work. This morning reminded me of your sacrifice. I started in the New Testament and Jesus walked by the sea of Galilee and saw two men, Peter and his brother Andrew. They were casting their nets into the sea. They were fishermen. Jesus said to them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. They immediately left their nets and followed him.

They basically left everything behind to follow the Lord and to preach his gospel. That's exactly what you have done. You have left everything, although temporary, to preach the gospel. We are so proud of you and your decision to leave everything behind for the Lord's sake. You keep doing what you're doing and don't worry about those things you've left. Your life will still be here when you get back and you will be blessed for doing what you have done.

ahh dad, i love that story. and i never thought of it that way. that makes me feel really good. I know the Lord will bless me.  Maybe in a way i don't know or I'm not expecting but i know He is aware of me. That's what keeps me going. 

Dad is so right. Wherever you go, the Lords work continues. You will go (or stay) where you need to be. Change is good and a fresh start is always so nice. But, if you stay and are able to reach out and help those in your area, then it is for a reason! However, you will be getting a new companion, right? How do you feel about that?

Any new favorite foods? Anything you just can't stand to eat? Do you feel obligated to eat certain things when at members homes? Are you enjoying the weather? Seems like it gets cold at night, is that right? Too cold or does it feel good?

The weather is great! perfect during the day and a little chilly in the night and morning! Food wise I'm great! I love everything!! I'm sick of rice but I'm used to it too! haha yep the debit card works!!

Oh, I am so glad to hear the card worked. I have been worrying about it all week! I am sure you are getting tired of rice. But at least you are loving the food. It would be very hard if you didn't like the food. How is your Spanish?

The spanish is great!! I'm soooo close!!! president told me it was excellent!!   i actually have to go! I'm sorry! i love you so much! tell everyone i love and miss them so much!! tell Kayden to send me an email and I'll write him back!  i really miss him and my siblings. alrighty! bye for now!! until next week!! i love you all!!

I love you more than you know.  You are such a great example to so many and definitely to me!  I appreciate all that you are giving to those in Bolivia.  I know you will do so many great things!  Thank you for sacrificing two years of your life to the Lords work!  I LOVE YOU!  Until next week!
Love - Mom
{dad logged off a little earlier!}

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