Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week 24

July 29, 2013

Hey everyone! 

This week was looooong. My companion had his surgery on Tuesday and he hasn't been able to do anything!!! He left the house for the first time on Sunday to go to church. Its not his fault. it looks painful. I did get to do about 3 transfers with other companionship's and work a little bit. Other than that not much could happen this week. It sucked. It felt like the biggest waste of time. But its not our fault so. So last night we found out the changes!!!! I'm going to be staying in the same area and be training!! so Wednesday when all the new missionaries come in, I'll meet him. It's fun, they have this huge orientation thing with all the new missionaries and President and Sister Dyer and we play games, introduce ourselves, eat lunch and dinner and welcome them to the mission! I'm excited for that!! It was fun when i did it my first day! Now I can't wait to go and talk and be more comfortable haha and those girls from Grandma Sharon's ward will be there, so it will be nice to finally meet them! Hermana Hill and Hermana Gardiner I believe are their names. Anyways that's whats going on around here! I cant wait to hear from y'all!! 

Hi babe!  At least you are able to leave the house this week!! I am so excited that you will be staying in the same area! And will be a trainer! That's great!  Is it normal for someone to train that early on in your mission?  And I bet you are so looking forward to going to the Mission home and get to participate in all the fun festivities!!  (that makes up for being home bound this week)

Hi!! I'm excited too!! no its kinda rare apparently. haha idk about other missions but here all the other missionaries are telling me that's way early and they've only seen that like one other time!! but hey I'm okay with it!! haha how is everyone doing?? oh and.............HAPPY BIRTHDAY BERKLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I LOVE AND MISS YOU!! i hope you had an amazing day!!! :) crap.....you're growing up,......driving and high school in the same week. no me gusta!!!!!! 

Well, that is awesome! Apparently President Dyer believes in you and knows that you can do it! How exciting! If you are not completely fluent, you will be very soon!!

{We started having some problems with the internet and it was a little frustrating!!}

Hey i don't know whats up but the connection today sucks. and i don't have a whole lot of time left. But I just want to say I love and miss you all. I cant believe Berkley is 15 haha wow. I went off about her in my journal last night hahaha oh and about the baptisms on my birthday, they all fell through because they didn't come to church. They have to attend church at least 3 time before being baptized but we are going to work on that this week!!! alrighty!!! i love you all!! bye!! until next week!! :) hasta luego!!! 

How are you doing money wise? Do you have everything that you need.  I guess I should tell you happy birthday right now, since we won't get to talk on your birthday! So HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  The big 2-0!

haha thanks!! i cant believe I'm going to be 20. yeah I'm good money wise!!

Well, I don't think the email is working too good right now.  I know that you are probably running out of time. So. I just want to say my goodbyes in case it doesn't straighten itself out.  I love you with all my heart. I am extremely proud of you.  I am so excited for this week and for you being able to go to the mission home and have a day of fun! Good luck with your new companion! Remember to have patience and understanding with him.  It wasn't too long ago for you, so remember how you felt.  I know you will be an excellent trainer! You were born to lead, baby! Remember why you are there, and that you are in service of The Lord! I love you! Have a very happy birthday and we will chat soon.  Until next week! I LOVE YOU BUNCHES! 
Love - Mom

My district

Lunch at one of the members homes

Celebrating Elder Moss's last 2 days before he goes home in the pension with a giant pizza!!!!!! 

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