Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week 25

August 5, 2013

Hey Everyone!!!

This week was great!! I'm loving training!! My first 2 days it was hard and kinda lonely because i missed Elder Rodriguez!! But I'm good now! My companion is Elder Vaca from Argentina! Hes reeaaaaaally shy and kinda different. I'm glad I got him because some of the other missionaries can be jerks and not have patience for guys like him. He's a little slower and different. He's 22 years old and has only been a member for a year a half. He's the only member of his family and he has 0 support from his family. He had to move out and get a job working on a farm when he was baptized to be able to pay for his mission. I know he has the spirit with him and wants to do what is right. He wants to work hard and follow all the rules so I cant complain about that!  That's all I could ask for. The rest of it will all come! He doesn't know the Gospel very well which is understandable. For example I had to show him where John was in the bible the other morning during our companionship study. I was nervous at first but now I'm not whatsoever. After working these past few days I have felt the spirit so much and we had a lot  of success! He brings the spirit and that's all I could ask for. 

Other than that i had a good week! Its a little different being in charge and making all the decisions but i love it!! I met those girls from Grandma Sharon's ward!! They are great!! I got the package from grandma Sharon! it was awesome!! it had a funny card with a notepad and some money! and my favorite part was the message she had for me and also a picture she put in there of Brinley, Berkley, and Lauren! I also got my package from grandma Joan!!!!! The one with the jump rope, pedometer, and a whole bunch of junk food!! it was awesome!! I've used the pedometer for fun and I'm averaging about 10 miles a day walking! haha cool!! It feels like so much more. So the work is good! We went to the house of the elders quorum president and he told us he wants to help us and he wants us to help him with less actives! And that's was one of the goals we prayed about our first night together! was to strengthen the ward!! and what do you know! That next day we get a call from him wanting to help us out! So last night we went and visited about 3 less active families! It was great!! We have an appointment tonight with Carla and we are bring 3 members who are her age (21) so that she can get to know them. I feel really good about her and a baptism. Hopefully it will happen in two weeks!!  Anyways that was my week!! please write back! haha i cant wait to hear from y'all!! 

Hey bud - it's Dad. It's so good to hear from you. I've been in Vegas all week with work. One thing I learned on my mission is there's always a reason for being with a certain companion. Your president just doesn't guess! There's a very specific reason why you are training Elder Vaca. It sounds like you might have already figured it out. It sounds like he will need a lot of patience and love. 

I'm so glad you finally got a package from somebody. It's about time! I know that birthdays can be a little lonely on the mission. We all had a piece of cake for you here. Hard to believe that you are 20. Anyway, Happy Birthday again!!

It sounds like the work is progressing. It makes it easier when the members get involved for sure. I'm glad that the Elders quorum president has responded to your prayers. That will make such a huge difference! 

Remember, it's going to be a lot different now that you are senior companion. He is going to be following your lead, so LEAD! Always have a plan. The plan should always be dictated by the Spirit. You'll do great!

Thanks dad! yeah I've learned that its like that. He literally does every little thing that I do. The first 2 days he asked me in the morning if he could shower. And when he does exercise in the morning he does exactly what  I do. I've learned that I have to to strive to be perfect and its actually helping me!! its great! 

Something is messed up with our Internet. I'm now just using my phone which is a lot slower process for me. Hopefully, you will get a few more packages soon. 

Do you feel like your Spanish is good enough now to communicate with your companion? I think it will be really good for you that he doesn't speak any English.

oh dang! its okay
 Yeah i can talk to him about anything just about. I'ts helping a whole lot. Okay cool!! who sent packages??
It looks like mom isn't going to get on. 
Tell her that I love and miss her! and all the kids too!! I hope they all have a great first week of school! 

School starts on Wednesday here. I can't believe that Kayden is a senior, that Berkley is in high school and that Carston is in middle school. So crazy! Everybody here is doing good. We had dinner yesterday of course at grandma and grandpas house. We had the missionaries from the ward over. They are great guys. One goes home in about a month. He said he's not to excited and wishes he could stay a little longer. We then all went to priesthood meeting last night which was good. 

wow that's awesome!! sounds like y'all had a good day!! I'm glad! How's Kayden doing church wise with his calling and all? Yeah that's weird that the missionaries were over. haha It's weird to think of it like that hahaha, because I'm here as a missionary! 

We sent a package. I think that Lexi sent one. Grandpa Sherrell sent one as well. Yeah - mom took the boys to get their back to school haircust. Not sure that she will get on today. You know she loves you and is very proud of all that you have accomplished.

Kaydens doing good. A few weeks ago he invited all of the priests over. We set up the slip and slide.
 They also played ping pong. 

oh good! That sounds like fun!

I've got to go. Sorry so short this week. You keep doing what you're doing. We are so proud!! Is there anything you need? Always remember that success of a mission is not judged by how many baptisms. I am sure of that. To me, it is based on giving 110%. Always being worthy and always striving to have the spirit with you. The Lord will bless you for this. Keep on keeping on!! Love you tons!!

Thanks dad! I'll keep that in mind!
hey I have to go! 

Hopefully next week will be better and we can all talk! I love and miss you guys!! I love you and miss you, mom :) 

My birthday exactly! i didnt tell anyone it was my birthday. I just celebrated by myself by eating 2 extra oreos out of the package from grandma! i usually only eat 2 to make it last!!

Here is a glimpse of a cool path in my area. Its half forest and jungle and its half nice and civil haha

This is me, my new companion and the girls!

This was picture with my zone our last day together before the changes last week! 

Me and elder Rodriguez our last night together!

and a goofy picture I took when I was trying on Elder Roja's sunglasses!

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