Thursday, May 15, 2014

Week 65

May 12, 2014
So yesterday was Mother's Day! And although I loved all the attention and love my kids at home gave me.....I was excited to skype with Kyler!
As always, it is very nice to be able to see him in person and to know that he is doing well!
He and his companion each had a computer so they each were able to chat for the whole 2+ hours! We had so much time that each person was able to have a good 20 minutes alone with him!
He is doing so well!  He is loving the work and the people of Bolivia.  He honestly has a true love for them.  He knows for a surety that each person on this earth has a divine purpose and plan!  He knows and loves the gospel of Jesus Christ.  If he could, he would shout it out and tell the whole world!  When he finds someone that will accept His word, he rejoices with them.  When he finds someone and they reject the missionaries or His message he mourns for them.  It is truly amazing to see all the changes in his life, in such a short amount of time. 
We talked about his future and his plans for college.  As much as he is loving his mission he is planning for his time at BYU. 
What classes to take? 
Where will he live? 
How is he going to get there? 
How will he get around Provo? 
If only all my kids planned like my first-born! :)
Today he emailed and we were able to chat for a little bit.  Of course, he didn't have an update (because he told us everything yesterday), but he did send pictures!

He had this to say about the pictures:

The baptism from the other night was super spiritual! His mom (in the
blue sweater) told us she wants to be baptized too now! The chapel was
packed with members and people supporters!

He mentioned that he thought transfers were coming this next week. 
However, he wasn't sure if he would be staying or leaving.
I guess we will find out next Monday.

Until then!

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