Friday, May 23, 2014

Week 66

May 19, 2014
Hello USA!!!!
Wow!!!!! What a week!!!!!!!! Full of Miracles and Surprises!!!!!!!! I'll start off by telling you guys the boring or normal stuff that happened. So p-day we played Walley and basketball all day long. It was fun but I've never been so worn out after a p-day. haha
So the mission has a new goal that every companionship can talk to 15 people in the street everyday and at least explain what our purpose is and see if they're interested. So we focused on that a lot this week. And it works! If you talk to few people you'll teach few people, but if you talk to a lot you'll teach a lot! We talked with 18 one day and of those 18 about 7 accepted us and were interested! We were talking with everyone before, but we weren't focusing on it and now its one of our main focuses.
Thursday I went to do an interview baptismal for a sister some elders in my district are teaching. Well, it was pretty personal, some of the things she told me but after talking to her for 2 AND A HALF hours of interviewing and talking to her we decided that she's more than ready to be baptized next week!  Yeah that was quite an intense conversation and moment but I loved it too! I love baptismal interviews!!
So Thursday was awesome!! We had a young man tell us he wants to get baptized now!! We told him lets do it Saturday with Jesus (another young man that was getting baptized.) He said alright and, well we did it! We had a double baptism with the other elders in the ward!! I'll send the pictures after. We had the young men's president do the baptism and I did the confirmation. It was the awesome! Oh! and I sang a solo in the baptism! I wasn't even nervous! haha I sang "I'll go where you want me to go." So mom, tell Mr. Fowler. haha I regret not doing it in high school! I loved it! it was fun!
Sunday was awesome!! We had a bunch of investigators in the sacrament meeting and Ispoke!! I love speaking in church now! haha I don't prepare much haha I kind of just say what comes!!!! It's easier that way and less stressful the night before!!! haha well I have some news for y'all! Last night we had changes and........I'm going back to Cocha!! I was super shocked!!! But I'm going to Zona Sacaba to be the Zone Leader. Elder Weekes is in my zone, as he was called to be the Presidents Assistant!!! I'm so pumped for him!! I talked to him all this morning and he's pretty excited. So tomorrow I fly back to Cocha! I was only here in Sucre for 6 weeks! It was a huge surprise but I'm excited too.
Well I love you all and I love where I am and what I'm doing! I'm super happy and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything!! I love you all! have a great week!
Elder Berrett

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