Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week 7

YAY!  We got pictures!  In a matter of a few days, I got to talk to him on the phone and also got some pictures! What more could I ask for??

Here is his email...

hey mom! :)

gosh how i miss you and everyone else! it was awesome to hear your voice the other day!!  im glad everyone is doing well. it was so awesome to talk to all you guys. im so glad i called. im sending letters to all the kids today so let me know when yall get those!!! the date is todays date. 

Im glad Kaydens teams is doing well and that he is playing! thats so awesome! I couldnt be happier for him and the team! i hope they go far in the playoffs and get to experience a state championship like i did. that would be so awesome! 

Of course Berkley is in regionals!! haha shes amazing!!

Cocha is pretty cool! im pretty excited to be here but its a little scary in some places. its amazing how different our lives and cultures are. My companion is elder Rodriguez from Columbia! he is awesome! he knows a little english. enough to help me out so im not completely lost haha hes been out for 10 months and this is his first time in Cochabamba! hes been in south Bolivia for 10 months so this is new him too! we have no investigators, so we are starting from scratch! which i dont mind! that just means ive been doing a lot of walking and door knocking. we have about 15 appointments set up this week so that should be entertaining.

The food is....okay. i take a tally and count all the bugs and hairs i find in my meals so that is always fun...but other than that its not bad. ive only thrown up 3 times!! haha dont worry! its normal i promise! Ill be back to normal in no time!! today we are going to play paintball with my district and zone!! i cant wait! elder thurston is in my district so its nice to know someone!! i really am enjoying my time here! I only get this experience once so i might as well enjoy it!! I love you all so much. i think and pray about you guys everyday. i love you all. 

Love, Elder Berrett

PS Happy Easter!! i hope everyone had a wonderful day! it kinda sucked because they dont really do anything for Easter here. so it was a normal day for me haha love you all!! Keep emailing and writing! I love it! 

{I'm guessing he didn't get his Easter packages yet} :(
He mentioned on the phone when we spoke, that when he did get them, he would have his companion hide them, like the Easter bunny always does. 
That would make it feel a little bit more like home!

This is me on my last night at the MTC. they have these missionary objectives all over the MTC! i had to take a pic with one! 

When the power went out in the MTC for like 2 minutes.....hahaha good times!

My house in Cocha. my bed is the blue one on the left!

My closet next to my bed.

This is the view from my bed.

This is my kitchen and study area! the small thing straight ahead is my stove. i havent used it yet. its tiny. it looks like something you would take camping....hahaha

These are some pictures of my house. its really small and dirty. i live on the 3rd floor of an unfinished house....its crazy!!! no laundry machines so i have to do it all by hand in a small little bucket! hahaha oh boy!! 

this is the rest of my floor. there is a family that lives beneath us. they are really nice! and the the other picture is my house!! its big....just not finished at all. half the houses here  are like this. its really dirty everywhere and bugs are pretty normal. good thing i have a bunch of OFF! 

So far, so good!  
Until next week!

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