Thursday, July 11, 2013

Week 21

July 8, 2013

Hi family 

My week was good! we got to do a session in the temple on Tuesday so that was great!! the week was pretty normal but we did find a few new investigators who seem really interested! and we were refferred to a woman who recently lost her husband. She requested to talk with us! Hopefully she is the one. We met with her once and it was great. she's truly prepared. the spirit was so strong. we meet again with her tonight! we couldn't baptize Henry because his dad doesn't think he's ready.  So we are waiting a few more weeks. The 4th of July sucked/was great! haha We weren't allowed to leave (for saftey reasons) because apparently the US and Bolivia aren't seeing eye to eye about something. I don't know what. Plus the fact that it was the 4th of July so president was just being safe i guess. so we stayed inside all day and washed clothes, cleaned and watched some mormon movies haha!

Yeah - I remember having to stay in on the 4th as well. Hopefully she is the one! That would be awesome. Are you and the companion getting along okay? Do you still think you only have a few more weeks with him?

yeah we are doing better than ever!! he complimented me the other day. which was a first! he's kinda hard headed and doesn't give compliments to anyone. he told me my Spanish is really coming along and that i'm doing really well in the lessons! so that made me feel good! and yeah we should be done together in about 3 weeks! 

I think Mom is at a dentist appointment. So, if she doesn't get on, that's why. Her and the kids got home from the beach on Saturday. They had a fun time but it rained just about the entire time down there. I will have her upload some pictures for you next week.

Kayden's team did okay in the 18U WWBA. Started off good and I think we ended up 2-3-1. We played a team from the West Coast who was easily the best team I have ever seen at that age. They are all top D1 players. They beat us 8-0. Kayden actually pitched one inning and did okay. Only gave up 1 run. We are going to Fort Myers on Thursday. We are excited. Will probably be the last time.

Aww man that sucks that it rained! at least they had a good time!!
Gosh i miss those days so much. I'd give anything to be in Fort Myers playing. Tell Kayden to enjoy every minute of it and to just play like its his last play every pitch. That's actually sad to think about that its the last time. man. haha Makes me want to cry. 
So i went to the Governement Clinic this week for a mandatory health exam for foreigners/immigrants! it went well! i got some blood taken out which was easy! i took it like a man! haha and and i did some other basic stuff! the nurse told me that i was one of the healthiest people she has ever seen go through there!! she said my heart was as perfect as can be and that my body index was perfect. 'Im currently 5'11 and 171 lbs!! haha told ya im growing!!! oh yeah!!!!

Wow - you mean you've gotten a little taller? That's pretty cool! And 171lbs. That's the most you have ever weighed isn't it? The main thing is that your healthy. That's the best news!
Time is just flying by. Before we know it, summer will be over and the kids back in school. They start on August 7th, one month from now.  After Fort Myers, I go to Vegas for a week for our company convention. So, the summer is basically gone. It's amazing that 1/4 of your mission is almost gone! Crazy!

oh dang! summmer is almost gone!! thats crazy!! 
Yeah I'm almost one forth done!! actually i found out this week my date to come home is January 14th 2015!!! So I'm coming home a month early!!!

I know Grandma Joan just sent you a birthday package. Let's hope it gets there. Mom is sending the one from us today. Hopefully, it all arrives with all of it's content. I know Mom took the laptop to Grandma's house yesterday to start working on your application. She would want me to tell you that so you know it's started.

oh okay sweet! hopefully they will get here! I'll let y'all know! and yeah thanks!! i was going to ask about the application!

Hi babe! Sorry I missed you last week. It looks like I might miss you again this week. I'm getting on too late.

hey its okay! im here! i have about 30 minutes!! 

So, what else is going on? How are your clothes holding up? Shoes? Did you ever buy yourself a new pair of tennis shoes? I'm guessing you haven't received your debit card yet. Make sure you let us know when you get it.
Hey, I was going to ask if what we are doing is okay? Are we supposed to be emailing back and forth like this? Do other missionaries chat live with their parents each week? Or are you just supposed to give us updates each week, kind of like a letter?

Yeah I'm healthy as can be!! haha 
yeah ill let yall know when i get it!! Hopefully this week! I'll get new shoes when that comes! i can buy Nike Frees for 35$ here so its cheap and nice! and they are 100% real! I love shopping here! haha 
yeah we are totally fine!! we can do this! some missionaries chat and some just write letters! this is was better!! haha

I see you sent some pictures! YAY!!! I can't wait to look at them! I love you bunches!
{I was getting my teeth worked on and couldn't keep emailing!  That was really hard knowing that he was right there, and I couldn't do anything about it} :(

Thanks mom! i love and miss you too! i hope all is well with all of you!! stay safe and tell everyone that i love them!!

Hey bud - I've got to go! If you have some extra time, email your grandma's and grandpa's. They would love to hear from you. Do you have all of their email addresses?
Anyway, like mom said, we are so proud of you! I know you are doing the work of our Heavenly Father. Don't ever forget that. He is always with you! He is so proud of you and I know He is grateful for taking two years out of your life to serve Him. Stay on your knees. Don't try to do it alone. You do all that you can do and then He will take you the rest of the way!
It's so weird, I LOVE Mondays!! I can't wait to hear from you each week. Thanks for the pictures!! We love pictures!! Until next week, I love you bud!

Thanks dad! i love you too! I don't have their emails! Help me out and send them to me this week please!
I love Mondays too! ill try to have more pictures next week! i love and miss you all tell everyone hi and that I love and miss them!! Until next week! i love you too!
Elder KB

Here are they pictures that he sent this week!
The first three are from the haircut that went horribly wrong!! 
{hence the very short hair in the other pictures}

{his face says it all....he's not very happy}

Bowling! We went with 5 zones! we took up the whole place!

This me and my companion at a lake we visited a few weeks ago.

My districts new soccer jerseys haha we made them ourselves! hahaha

Elder Watts from my MTC group from the temple this week! 

Me and our church building.

Me and a puppy at the house of some church members!! 

The new hat i bought last week! I walked past it in a store and i could not not buy it. its the braves!!! haha 
what the heck!! 

And a cow just taking a stroll through a nice neighborhood park. that's Bolivia for ya. 

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