Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week 62

April 21, 2014
Hey Everyone!
So this week was great!!! A little stressful but what week in the mission doesn't have stress? P-day was fun! We played basketball in a huge stadium that the zone leaders rented out! that's literally all we did so it was fun but super tiring. I was soaked when we left, dripping sweat haha.
So Tuesday was great! I taught my first district meeting which went great! I really don't want to just dominate and teach a whole lesson so I focused on getting the whole district involved by asking a lot of questions, having them share personal experiences. I taught about 5 things we need as missionaries to have success in the mission field and how we can get them.
1.We need to be Converted
2. A Desire to share the Gospel
4.People to actually teach    
5.The Spirit
It was fun to teach and to hear their comments. The spirit was really strong!! I can see I'm gaining their trust as i talk with them and become their friends. Some of them have come to me this week with very personal problems. It's been a good experience, as well as humbling.
Wednesday was great! We had two super spiritual lessons with investigators named Rosalia and Maribel. They are great and progressing towards baptism. We also found a 16 year old girl named Carla who is great and loves listening to us. She has really good questions, which is good! If they have questions, we can actually help them with them their needs!!
Thursday was great! We spent all morning planning and filling out the area book! Like I said last week, there was nothing in it so I told my comp that we are going to get all the area book sheets we need and fill it up!! And we did!!! That was huge and now that makes the work a whole lot easier for us and the future missionaries in this area.
Oh!!! Saturday!!! Johny from my last area got baptized!! They told me it was a beautiful service!! I was so excited!! That was a great story about finding him then not being able to find him and well...yeah, y'all remember that story!!! But yeah he's baptized and ready to get the priesthood in the up coming weeks!!
Easter was a completely normal day!! They don't celebrate much here! The Catholics do, but with a whole lot of beer haha, that's about it!!
Well I love you all so much!! I'm so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ. I love teaching it everyday!! I know it's true and that He lives! I love y'all! Until next week!!
Elder Berrett
Hey I'm here!
Happy Easter, yesterday! How is everything going?  Did you get the pictures I sent?
Happy Easter!!! yeah i got them!! I love them! Everything is good! What happened with Kayden!!!?
He broke his foot playing church basketball on Thursday. He is feeling okay. 
oh yeah? so he's out for the season? Was coach Wolfe mad?
They say he is out for at least two weeks and possibly more. I am thinking it will be at least 4 weeks.  And possibly six.
ahh dang. well, if he's feeling okay about it, that's what matters!

Hey bud - it's Dad. You still on? I only have a few minutes.

I'm here! I do too! not much time!
Okay - just wanted to say Happy Easter and I love you so much! You sound so good and it sounds like you are growing into a great leader. Always remember that leaders lead by example. Don't expect anybody to do anything you wouldn't do yourself.
I guess Mom told you about Kayden. He broke his foot playing basketball. I think he is done with baseball. I really think he is okay with it. There's a small chance he might get back in time for some of the playoffs. He was super bummed at first by I think he is actually a little relieved now. He just wasn't playing a whole lot. They would put him in after a big lead or towards the end of the game. He wasn't having much fun doing that. I think he's just ready to be done and move on now.
oh yeah. Dang it. well I'll pray for him and write him this week! Hopefully he can pick up and move on!
It sounds like me and mom are giving the same updates at the same time. I will stop now. I have to go. It's almost May, crazy!! Keep it up! In a few months you will start seeing the finish line and will wonder where all the time went. I just spoke to Mom. She had to go! We love you bud! Until next week!!!
Love Mom and Dad
Alright!! I love y'all too!! Have a great week!!! 

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