Wednesday, February 20, 2013

He made it!

We waited all night for a phone call from Peru.
 (We had read that he will get to make a 5 minute phone call to let us know that he arrived safely.)
Well, that didn't happen, and it's probably a good thing.   Because we were so exhausted, Rick and I both sleep like babies.  Who knows if we would have heard our phones, if he had called!

I was at work when I received his first email!  I was so excited!!! 

Hey guys!
I made it!! we got in at 12:30 last night and it took about an hour to get from the airport to the the mtc. sorry if my grammar is bad. we are limited to 30 minutes at the mtc so im typing fast!!. im not gonna lie, im pretty scared and nervous. the city is crazy! Lima is supposedly a ¨nice¨ city but its nothing like back home. its dirty and scary! haha its been such a culture shock! my companion has not arrived yet so im just taggin along with my roommates. they both speak spanish only but they are nice and trying to help me. I miss you guys and everyone so much. i got the surprise letters! they were great and made me cry! but thank you! they were awesome! how is  Lexi, i hope shes doing okay. ask her how her valentines present was!! im going on 3 and half hours of sleep so im pretty tired and cant wait for bed tonight. the weather here is very nice! its very humid! i can smell the ocean!! Im gradually as the day goes on getting used to the change. its still going to take awhile but hopefully i can adjust. im praying!! we havnt done anything spiritual yet, as a matter of fact ive only seen about 3 adults. im kinda just going with the flow for the time being! haha the only meal ive had was breakfast, and that was interesting...a sandwich with tuna, cheese, and a hotdog in it! good thing im not picky!!! I hope everyone is doing well and that mom can relax now that she has gotten this!! I cant believe that im actually here. im not exactly excited yet, well i am but im still sad and just in shock i guess. hopefully i can get used to this. I have learned that we are all very blessed and lucky to have what we have.
Okay well its time for me to go. i will be writing people also. i have no idea how long it will take to get there. Please tell everyone i love them and Lexi too! haha Im gonna get back to yall ASAP! Love you all!
Elder Berrett
PS- sorry for not fitting a lot in this letter. we are pressed for time bc its the first day, it will get better! ill cover more next time! Love ya!

Yay, on day one he was already aware of how blessed we are to have what we have here in America. Success!!
 Looking forward to next week.

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