Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 2

Well, today is my most favorite day of the week! 
 I used to love Fridays, but now I live for Tuesday's! :) 
It is a rainy, rainy day in Georgia and I have to admit a letter from Kyler, sure does bring a little ray of sunshine!
He seems to be doing really well and adjusting to mission life.
This week he got a little idea to write his letter on paper and take a picture of it and just send that.  Pretty ingenius, I thought!
Hey Everyone!!
Everything is going great!  I miss you all so much. You have no idea. This is easily the hardest thing I've ever had to do.  I love every minute of it though. I'm learning so much day by day. My Spanish is getting so much better.  I can hold a simple conversation and I can pray and bear my testimony!  I'm getting there! HAHAHA  I hope everyone is doing well!  It was good to hear that baseball is going well for Kayden and Carston. I'm feeling some really good years for the both of them. They both just have to remember that slumps and errors happen, so just move on and keep their heads up.  Tell Berkley to never give up and keep up the hard work!  I know she'll do great things this season!!  And tell Manning to start practicing and get ready for next season!  Tell Team Prince and everyone hello for me!!  I miss everyone a ton.  Tell Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Tom, Grandma Joan and Grandpa Paul, and Grandma Linda and Papa Sherrell hello and that I miss them all so much.  I want you all to know I'm safe and having a blast.  I'm proud to be all of ya'lls grandson!
So, I'm starting to love the work!  Yesterday, we got to leave the MTC and went prosylyting!!  We got paired up with real missionaries in the area and went to a neighborhood in West Lima and what a humbling experience that was.  I cannot even begin to explain to you how people live down here. There are no paved roads in the neighborhoods, only in the city.  And all the houses are literally the size of our living room with no roof.  Their floors are dirt that look like someone took a jack hammer to.  There's random piles of trash in the middle of the street, every where you go, smells awful, dogs are on every street corner you turn on.  It's so different.  I truly do now know how blessed I have been,  So I just want to say thank you for giving me everything I have.  We are all beyond blessed.
As we were prosylyting we knocked on a door and a man named Javier answered.  He was very nice!  We couldn't go inside because he had a sick daughter so he brought us 3 chairs to the door and we talked right there, basically in the street, just talking about the gospel for over an hour.  He loved what we had to say.  I bore my testimony and said a prayer for his daughter to have good health (bueno salud) and he was so thankful.  It got me so excited.  I can't wait to be fluent and be able to teach everything I know to the people of Bolivia.
I love my district.  We get along so well.  It's amazing how close we are compared to the other disctricts.  It's just 7 of us, all going to Cochabamba.  We are literally like brothers. We all have our bad days and we just pick each other up and help one another move on.  They've helped me so much!  Elder Roth is awesome!  We are going to be great friends after these 2 years! I can't wait!  Also, another elder named Elder Bennett from Boise, Idaho is the man!  The 3 of us get along so well.  My companion is great too.  He loves baseball, like I do.
As for the little things that happen here, I'm good and adapting.  The food is good but getting old.  Not one meal has not consisted of rice, potatoes, and chicken.  That's in the CCM (mtc) at least.  I'm sure I'll experience new stuff outside of here.  My bed is nice.  I'm just using the sheets they offer here, so I can save the ones I brought for later.  I've only used 3 shirts.  I just keep reusing and washing the same 3 white ones over and over.  Everything is going great!  You have nothing to worry about.  I love you all so much.  Only 102 weeks until I see ya'll again!!  It will go quick!!  I love you guys!
Be safe!
Love, Elder Berrett
He also included this with his emails...
hey everyone!! Im a slow typer so i wrote my emails and sent them as pictures!!! so i want to do this dear elder thing everyone here has them and i want them!! i want letters!! they're like gold around here!! haha and look in that book thing we got about information for the pouch mail!!! im doing well! still tough but im getting used to it and falling in love with the gospel more and more everyday!!! i love and miss you guys everyday!!!
Love Elder Berrett
It was so good to hear from him!  I can't explain how awesome it is to receive a letter like this from one of your own kids!  Not only for the fact that I miss him, but more importanly to see them mature and grow in the gospel. 

He mentioned dear elder.  That is the service that I mentioned in an earlier post.  You send an email to dearelder.com.  They will print it out and deliver to Salt Lake City, and they in turn, place it in a pouch to mail directly to the mission with expedited shipping.  So it gets there a little quicker than if you were to drop it in the mail.

He said that letters are like gold around there!  So please take a minute to drop him a quick note.

Until next week! :)

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