Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week 1

So today we learned that his prep day (p-day) is on Tuesday's.
I can't tell you how happy I was to check my email and see one from him.
(Not sure if you realize that I check my email everyday, like every 20 minutes) 

hey everyone!
i miss you all so much! you have no idea.  this is just about the hardest thing ive ever done......but i absolutely love it. its so hard but im so happy to be here. Its great to see everyone is doing well!! im proud of Kayden! tell him to keep it up!! Carston Berkley and manning too!!
my companion is elder Thurston from st george. Elder Roth who i met on facebook is great! I love him! we have gotten so close!! i love my district! we get along so well! all the Latinos here are great! they are so funny!!! and they are great at helping with the spanish. i play soccer everyday and love it!! i play goalie most the time so i can do sit ups, push ups and pull ups on the cross bar while the ball is on the other side of the field haha! so i get two in one! this saturday i am going out of the MTC to proselyte or however you spell it! im pretty nervous!
the spirit here is amazing! last night my district was really down and getting frustrated with the language so we all gave each other blessings. It was so spiritual.
Church on sunday was great! it was weird to be in a branch with 20 people but i loved it!
I NEED stamps!!!!! ASAP! you can send those in an envelope! they dont have any here for some reason. You cant send packages here so save those for Cochabamba!! just envelope mail!! no mom, i havent heard of dear elder...what is it?
So as you can tell i have P day on Tuesdays!! i Will email you then!!
I love you all and miss you so much!! Pieces of me want to come back so bad but i know the Lords got my back.
Love, Elder Berrett 

It did my heart good to see that he is doing so well.  He may be a little homesick, but is loving every second of it. 

I mentioned in my email to him about a website called
It is a service run by the church where you email them your letter and they will print it out and deliver it to the missionaries.  It's a free service!

Go to and select his mission (Peru MTC)

Click on "Write a letter"

Fill out the appropriate boxes, write your letter and hit send. Easy as that!!

They have a deadline of Sunday at midnight to make it in that week's run.  But, anytime you write is fine.  Just realize that is quicker than standard USPS mail, however, it still takes a few weeks.  

Missionaries LOVE to get mail.  They feel loved when they get something each week!
So, go write him a letter.  He will love it!

Until next week! :)

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