Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 53

February 17, 2014
Hey everyone!!!!
Wow! Another week! I'm more amazed at how fast time passes each week. Each week that passes is a reminder of how little time I have to work hard and keep going until the end!! So last p-day was fun! We went bowling with the zone and after my companion and I went and played basketball! It was a blast!!! So this week was really good! We worked hard and taught a lot! Nothing incredibly special happened. It was a basic week! But I'll try to fill y'all in on what I can! haha
Tuesday was good. We had a zone meeting and learned how to be the most efficient missionaries that we can. And making it easy for Heavenly Father to use us as instruments in His hands. I learned a whole lot, and took something from it. That's really what I've been focusing on. Is making it easy for him to use me however he wants. The only way to do that is just simply be obedient and do what he wants me to do. I know what those things are. I've been doing them faithfully for over a year now and I've seen the blessings. I'm so grateful for that, and the testimony I have that He lives and blesses us. Nothing we do for Him and this Gospel, is in vain. He knows. Whether we see the blessings now or in our next, Eternal life. We just have to be as little children and keep his commandments.
Thursday I celebrated my one year! Well, I didn't do anything special to celebrate. haha I had a normal day! We did a service project in the morning for a few hours of sanding walls!! My hands are torn to pieces! haha But it was fun and we got a lot done. After that it began to rain so we got WET! We had a few appointments.  We were able to get into a few houses and be in a dry environment for for a bit.  But we were mainly just outside in the rain! We had a very successful day though, teaching 10 lessons! It was fun to think that day, that just one year ago I was saying goodbye to you guys in the airport and traveling to Peru, scared out of my mind!!!!! Well, now I'm here in Bolivia speaking Spanish and loving every moment of it. It's a BLAST! It really has been the most rewarding and spiritual experience of my life.
Friday went well also! We has another service in the morning and then had a normal afternoon! So we found a sauna near our house and we made a reservation for 6:30 in the morning with the zone leaders who we live with!! We were there for 45 minutes just sweating up a storm. It was actually really relaxing and fun!!! So that was something new and fun I did!! haha Fridays we usually go play basketball for exercise in the morning but instead we did that! We also had a FHE with the Family Salazar again. I believe I told y'all about them last week! The less active family that all came to church last week, remember? Well we had another FHE that went well. They all cried when we told them that this is probably my comps last week because we have changes next week. They misunderstand at first and thought we were both leaving. So they were a little relieved when we told them I was staying. It was still sad though haha. They were all at church again yesterday. Rosa (the one that has to get married) has made progress in the wedding discussions with her boyfriend. He's starting to accept it and understanding why she wants to do it. So we should be having a wedding soon! Followed by a baptism!! YAY!!
Sunday I was assigned to speak in church!! That was fun!! I prepared a little here and there all week long. I actually practiced it in English to see if i could do it, and it was a joke. But the talk went well. I was asked to speak on The Work of Salvation. I starting talking about our Redeemer Jesus Christ and how it all starts with him. Without him and his atonement we don't have this work. Then I connected it with how we can invite others to come unto him through Faith in him, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. Then I ended with talking about how we are a team as missionaries, members, ward council, bishopric, etc. Some scriptures I shared were Mosiah 4:7-8. 1 Nephi 8 (Lehi's dream) and D&C 4:3 and D&C 128:22 (my favorite). haha So that's a super mini glimpse of my talk. I had 5 minutes to talk and talked for 12...whoops. haha Oh well! I said everything I wanted to. Well everything here is amazing. I love the work. I know this really is the work of salvation, bringing souls to Christ. This is His work and His church. This Saturday we have another baptism so I'll send pictures next week of that! I love you all! Until next week!
Elder Berrett
PS- Everyone seems to be doing amazing!! This week seemed very interesting! I wish I could have been there with yall! Love you guys!!
Are you still there?
Hey I have to go!!
Oh okay! I'm sorry. I haven't even read your email yet! I love you so very much!
So very proud of you! Love you tons!!
 Love -Mom
I love you all!! Talk to y'all next week!! sorry!

A parrot!!!!!
Hard Core Sanding....
Celebrating a birthday after a day of service.
Me and Elder Weekes jumping at the temple!
It's on his camera. He needs to send it to me. I just took a pic of the printed version.

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