Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 51

February 3, 2014
Hey everyone!!!
This week was super super good!! We made a goal to find 20 new investigators and teach 35 normal lessons. And we got them both!! We found 27 new investigators and taught exactly 35 normal lessons! It was awesome!! It's really fun to set goals and focus on them all week long. I've learned one of the keys to setting and reaching goals is just remembering it throughout the week. If you truly want to reach it, you simply just have to be determined and really always have it in your mind. And of course, you have let the Lord in on it. It's essential to allow him to come into the picture so that you can follow  his will. When we do that, everything will end up the way it should.
So last Monday was fun!! We kind of decided that we were super tired and we just wanted to have a relaxed day. So we just went to our house with Elder Weekes (my best friend ever) and relaxed and cleaned and washed clothes. Super lazy, but very much needed.
Tuesday was okay, just a normal day!! We taught like 5 lessons and realized we weren't going to reach our goals at that rate. So that night is really when we put it in our minds that we are going to teach and preach like crazies. And we did!! I'm glad I had that normal day because it basically changed my mission. I realized I wanted to reach that goal and that changes needed to be made......
Sooooo Wednesday was magical!! haha We taught 12 lessons, committed 8 people to baptism, and found 10 new investigators!! It was so awesome. Sometimes I feel like I talk with everyone but I realized Wednesday how many people I don't talk with! I'm so grateful I realized that because now I love talking with EVERYONE!!!! It's the best feeling to teach the taxi driver, or the ladies at the little store on the roads, or with anyone and everyone in the street! I'm so glad I learned what it really means to talk with everyone!!
That was pretty much the story all week long, and I loved it. And it will continue to be the story for the next year! Gosh I'm sorry I have to go so early. I've been here for 30 minutes but the thing is I'm acting as zone leader today and tomorrow, as one of our zone leaders in in the hospital having surgery, and I have to go meet some missionaries right now and give them some things they need for their house. I'm sorry!!! My letter next week will be way better!! I love and miss you all!! The gospel is true!!! Have a great week!!
Love Elder Berrett

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