Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week 95

December 8, 2014
My Dear Family and Friends,
How sad it is that this is my last letter? It won’t be too long since it’s late for me! We had a long day. It’s my last p-day so I had a whole lot of things to do and a people to visit. Next Monday we won’t have time for internet because we will have a meeting all day where they are basically going to teach us how to go home and jump into the world! haha.
So the key things that happened this week. First, Laura and Majo went to the temple and did baptisms!!! It was such a beautiful day and they loved it. They said they want to go back again and again. It was a very special moment for me and my companion, especially at this point in our mission. There’s nothing better than watching someone see and enter the temple for the first time. I’m hoping and praying that his week I'll be able to attend the sealing of the Rocha Family. It’s either this week or next week. Depends what their bishop says.
On Friday I had my exit interview with President Hansen. What an amazing 30 minutes that was. We talked about everything from the beginning to the end of my time here. Also, about everything after from school, a career and marriage. He’s a great guy that really was inspired with words of wisdom for me. I’m going to miss working with him here in the mission.
Also, quick update with our miracle family. Abel's parents are great! We got to visit them twice this week and they are progressing in the right direction. They are praying and wanting to receive answers. We asked them how they feel in the church and as they learn more and as they pray. They said there is a peaceful feeling. They also mentioned that they’ve had peace since their son has been on a mission.  My companion and I, both at the same time, pulled out Matthew 14:26 to explain how the spirit works and then Galatians (I think that how you spell it in English) 5:22-23 to explain how one feels the Spirit. They took that as an answer. They were hesitant to accept baptism but that is what they are now praying about. Abel wrote my companion and me through a member in the ward, and the letter said that he was so grateful that we answered his prayers. He said if he could just get them to listen they would eventually accept the Gospel. It was super nice of him to write us and express his gratefulness.
This week will be one of the hardest weeks of my life as I’ll be traveling to my old areas, saying good bye to my best friends and families, that I’ve made these two years. I love this country with all my heart. I’m so grateful to have been called to the greatest mission in the world. Bolivia will forever be embedded in my heart.
Well, I was thinking I was going to write ya’ll a big long testimony but I think I’ll make it small and simple.
I know what I’ve done for two years is true. I know this is the Lords work. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live. I love Jesus Christ and I am forever his debtor. I don’t deserve all that He has done for me, but I’ll take it and take full advantage of it. It took me long enough, but I can say with all my heart, mind, and strength that I am His disciple.
Elder Kyler Golden Berrett
PS - Thank you for your support and letters these last two years. It has meant so much to me.
Rick and both each wrote a final letter to him as a missionary!
I think that was probably the hardest thing I have had to do in a long time.
I must say that I shed many tears writing the letter, and then again when I emailed with him today.
I am totally in awe at all that he has become over the past two years! I still cannot believe that I have been given such a sweet spirit to care for in this life!  I am not worthy!
I cannot wait to see what his future holds!
Here is some of his repsonse to our letters....
Hey mom and dad, thanks for the letters!!
I may not have had the greatest success here, but I am glad I've been able to witness some miracles. President asked what is the most cherished thing I'll take home and I said my testimony and all he could do was smile and say thats exactly right. I haven't baptized a ton or taken families to the temple or done a whole lot, but you know what? I truly am happy and satisfied because I've given it my all, every single day! And most of all, I've had one true convert and that is me. And I can't deny the truth. Thank you so much for raising me to get to this point and be able to serve a mission. I can't wait to see you guys soon! Please send everyone my love! See you soon!
Love your son,
Elder Berrett

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