Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week 93

November 24, 2014
Wow the pics look great!! I love pictures! I love Kayden's ride and girl! That’s pretty sweet! He looks happy!  Mom,I’m diggin the glasses and dad, I’m diggin my tie. Seems like everyone is well!
This week was super fast! Just like all the weeks. I’m really just trying to work my tail off in these last days as one of the Lord's assigned servants. I’ve been going to the gym early in the morning with my comp and other Elders the past week and a half! I love it. I will admit, I did go through a fat stage here in the mish but about 6 months ago when I got to this area I lost it all. It’s true when they say that the missionaries here go up and down with their weight. I recently saw a bunch of members from my first area and they all say that I’m way skinnier haha.   I’m happy though I just don’t want to come home fat haha. We are working super hard. They are going to close our area since my comp and I are both dying this transfer. Just the missionaries that are here in the ward are going to take over. So little by little we are showing them the area and introducing them to our investigators, less actives, and recent converts.
So about Laura and Maria Jose! Laura come to English class on Wednesday and told us, "I’ve prayed harder than ever and I know I want to get baptized on Saturday with my Sister." We were like what!?!?! YEAAAAHHHH BOY!!!!!! And then we realized she couldn’t because she lacked one church attendance. She’s been to Sacrament 12 times, and gospel principles 8, but she’s only been to 3rd hour twice and the mission rule is that they have to attend 3 times to all 3 meetings. Maria Jose has been to all of the meetings, plenty of times. So we gave them a few options as to when they want to get baptized and we all decided it would be better if they did it together. So we planned it for next Sunday at 1. Right before church so they can receive the Holy Ghost right after during Sacrament meeting.
Something personal I started last 2 weeks ago is reading Preach My Gospel one last time. This morning in my personal study I finished and I felt the Spirit so strong as I prayed that the Lord would bless me with diligence and strength in the final stretch. I know the Church is true and I know that this is the Lords work. I love him and trust him with my life. I love you all! Hopefully I’ll get a letter soon from yall!!
Elder Berrett
PS MOM!!!! I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS DESTROYED!!!!!!! The chick-fil-a sauce was all opened and had destroyed the packaging. I was able to save the majority of the the stuff. Everything but the Peanut butter crackers and....the oreos :(  They got opened and chick fil a sauce all over them. So sad!  And I think there was a letter in there but I couldn't tell. It was just a soggy colorful paper with smeared words hahaha Thank you though!! I love you :)

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