Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week 92

November 17, 2014
Hey everyone!!
Dang it, the weeks are flying by. I thought time might slow down here a little at the final stretch but nope, not at all. Today was amazing!! We played................BASEBALL!!!!! Someone, somehow, found a baseball field and got all the missionaries together!! It was sooo fun! It wasn’t intense or anything, but we had a blast and I got to play SS :) I’m so happy!! It’s been too long. But after throwing a few, my shoulder hurts pretty badly. Hopefully it’s just because it’s been a while.
Anyways, on to the important stuff!! This week was great!! Tuesday was a super looooong day of doing zone leader stuff. We had to get teaching supplies from the city, then we came back and I got to do 2 baptism interviews for two of Elder Porters investigators, which was cool. I love doing baptism interviews for people. Then we had to do our finances for the zone back in the city. It was pretty much a day of being in a taxi.
Wednesday was great!! We got to work all day and we had great lessons. Particularly one that stood out was with Zandra, who we baptized back in July. She introduced us to her mom!! She’s been so scared to do that for so long!! She had a great experience last week that helped my testimony. She had a huge final exam that basically decided her career. If she passes, she’s legal to open her own pharmacy, if she doesn’t pass she has to retake a series of classes that last two years. So she decided to fast! Twice!!! And she got a perfect score!! So she said the least she could do to thank God was to introduce us to her mom. She was wonderful. She didn’t come to church but we are hoping this week. Zandra is great and she has progressed so much since her baptism, she is truly converted to the Lord.
Thursday it rained super hard all day! My comp and I have some great pictures! We got super muddy. It was fun. We had a lesson that night with Laura and Maria José!!! They both accepted baptism for this Saturday the 22nd!! I’m super pumped for them. They said they’ve prayed and their sure that they want to do it and that they know the Lord wants them to do it. We pulled out D&C 20:37 and asked them if they are sure they want to make that covenant and they said they have no choice because they know it’s true and they need to follow Christ! This week they will have their interviews and hopefully two baptisms on Saturday!! Please pray this week for them.
Well sorry this is short but I got the best stories of the week! I know this is the Lords work! And this is His church. I love Him with all my heart.
Elder Berrett
PS - Please don’t tell me how many days I have left. I’m not counting and neither should ya'll!! hahaha
Love you guys!!!
Baseball with the Zone

Working in the rain! :)


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