Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 56

March 10, 2014
Hey Everyone!!
Well, another incredibly fast week has gone by here in the mish. Everything is great! I'm enjoying my new companion a bunch, although i tend to miss Elder Rojas from time to time. So last week was Carnival. That was quite the experience. It's basically just a big party all week long. I've learned that Latinos look for any excuse possible to have a party. Its okay though, haha its their culture. But it did look fun! We basically were on lock down Monday and Tuesday. We had to be in the house by 3 and we couldn't participate in any of the water fights. That's also a big deal during carnival, you can just get anyone in the streets wet. It doesn't matter if we are in dress clothes or not. Everyone is a target especially the blonde guy. So the little bit of time we were out working I did indeed get soaked. It was fun though!! I'd love to come back and and be able to participate! That was Monday and Tuesday. Also Monday night we took Elder Phillips to the hospital. He wasn't feeling good so we got permission to take him there. That's about the closest I got to getting out of the house.
Wednesday was a great work day! i was so ready to leave and have a normal day! We went back to the mountains where I was almost mobbed and killed. haha We knocked a bunch of doors and found new people to teach. The people there are great and are always willing to listen to us. After each lesson they always, without a doubt, ask us where our church is and they all want to go. But the problem is that its pretty far for them and they can't afford taxis to get there. So my comp and I are thinking of a plan to get them there. We are thinking of using a member who has a huge van. We are going to ask him this week if next Sunday he can pass by their village before church. While we were there we also found a less active family. They told us they don't attend anymore because the people in their last ward judged them and didn't include them in anything because they we're super poor and living in a pretty wealthy ward. Now maybe they could have been a little dramatic, but still let that be a reminder to all of us that everyone is a child of God. And we don't have the right to judge one another. It doesn't matter the things we have or don't have. I'm sure it will be a sad day when the people from that ward have to stand before Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and explain what happened with that.
Thursday was awesome! Funny story. So with Elder Rojas about 4 months ago we found a man named Johny in the street painting a door. We helped him and taught him. He told us that wasn't his house and he lived a little farther away but still in our area. So the next day we went to look for his house based off the directions he gave us. We couldn't find anything! We looked for hours, knocking all the doors in that area and nobody knew Johny. About 2 weeks later we found him walking in the street and we asked him EXACTLY where he lived and he told us. So we went the next day and same story, nothing!!!! So we basically gave up because he doesn't have a cell phone or anything like that. For the next few months every time we passed by his area we looked, but nothing. Well, with my new comp, the other day we found him again in the street!!! So I just said, hey Johny take us to your house right now, PLEASE!!!! So he did! Turned out to be one of the first doors we knocked the first time but the guy that answered said he didn't live there.  (it was his brother trying to get rid of us) haha  So we entered and taught him again, and invited him to church. He has come to church the past two weeks and has a date to be baptized on the 29th!!! I have no doubt that God is telling him it's his time!! It's amazing how Heavenly Father works. I love it.
The rest of the week was pretty basic! We worked, worked and worked a little more! I love working. In the beginning i was scared because i couldn't talk and i didn't want to say something wrong. But now I love it. It's fun and the time flies by!!

I love serving others! It's something i had to learn how to do. Service is nothing without love. Without love, you're just doing it for recognition or a reward, but if its out of love, it's real. Mosiah 2:17. READ IT!!! Anyways i love you! i cant wait to hear from you guys! Today will be fun as we are going to play paintball! I'm pumped! haha Have a wonderful week! Until next Monday!!

Elder Berrett

Are you still there?  This is Dad.
Hey Dad!  I'm leaving now, like in 2 minutes.
Alright, sorry Bud.  We'll chat next week!  Love you tons!!
Its alright! i love you too! have a great week! Send everyone my love!
Family Home Evening with the Salazar Family
They're awesome!

We celebrated Sister Gregorias birthday! :)

This is the plate we ate. It was good. Looks gross, but tastes great!

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