Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week 58

March 24, 2014
Hey Everyone!!!
This week was a good one! A little stressful but good! So last week we went to the Cochabamba dam. that was cool! I've actually been before but it was way prettier this time and more fun! At the dam there is a restaurant that's super good and it looks like a castle!! So i have some good pictures from that! it was a good p-day spent with the zone!!
Tuesday was great! We had our normal district meeting like every week and then we went to work!!! I love working hard!!! I've learned a lot over the past year about working hard. Working hard is great and important! But also working efficiently is very important For example, knocking doors here isn't the best option of work. It is not very productive. So my comp and I thought of a way to get references because those are way better. And its not really fair to the members to just put them on the spot, knock their door and ask for a reference. So we made up a way! We are starting to visit members in their homes and ask if we can share a message. They, of course, always accept. We share something simple like a Mormon message or something like that then we tell them we are going to play a game. We give them like 2 minutes to write down all the names of the people they know! And during that time my comp and I sing a hymn. At the end of the hymn, we then ask them to circle 5 names on the list that they believe are ready to hear the gospel!! We've only done it once but we are plan to do it more!! It was fun!! I'm also back at giving English classes every week! i love it and its fun! we just learn basic phrases but they love it so it's all good. And my comp is giving piano classes so that's fun! He has more students than I do -_- so I'm trying to beat him with that!
Wednesday was normal. One of the Zone Leaders was a little sick so my comp and I helped them out with a few appointments they had. It was a good day for us after helping them! We meet with Johny again and he is for sure going to get baptized. He loves the church (came again yesterday), loves the lessons and chats with us. The only thing is that he has this HUGE (and very annoying, for me) desire to be baptized the week of Easter!!! 2 weeks after I leave this area! Changes are coming and I'm more than likely leaving! ugh!! I really want to be here so hopefully I'm not too far and I come back and be here for the baptism. I wanted to do it in between the conference sessions on the 5th but he really wants to wait!!! ugghhh! hahaha yeah whatever! At least he's getting baptized!! That's what's important!
Friday, my comp had to go to the city to do paper work and while we were there I met a whole bunch of brand new missionaries, fresh from the MTC. We were there a while so they asked me whole bunch of questions. Gosh I remember being soooo new and sooooooooooooooooooooo lost. Its amazing how much a missionary grows in this short time. I'm so incredibly grateful for the knowledge I've gained and the testimony I've grown. It still has whole lot of room to grow but i love where I'm at! and i cant wait to see what more Heavenly Father has in store.
So I'd like to close this up just giving my testimony that I know this is Christ's church. I'm 100% positive. I'm so grateful for the fullness of the gospel here on the earth, that has been restored. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. (this week a man looked at me and asked me if I truly believe that Thomas Monson receives revelation as a prophet and I told him I don't believe it, but I know it). The Book of Mormon, is true. There's no doubt about it. This is the Church of Jesus Christ. And i love representing his name everyday.
Elder Berrett
Hi bud, are you still there?

Hey my love - it's mom, I'm here!

Hey!!! i have some questions for you guys!!!! :)
Dad, can you email from your email please?  I have something to talk to you about!
sorry mom! dad can tell you about it when he gets home from work!!

Hey, I'm putting together a package for you. Anything you want from home?

Peanut Butter!!!!!!!! :)

Now, you want peanut butter! :)  Do you want plain pb or just pb candy?

plain. I bought it here because I'm going back to PB sandwiches and trying to gain weight. I've been working out super hard haha. We're waking up at5:30 to go to the gym! I love it!!!!!!!
and the PB here isn't the same.

Yes, I will send you some peanut butter and some protein bars! Also, the date for deferment is May 1st. So you will have time to meet with your mission president before then.

okay awesome!!!!! thanks!! :) i cant wait!!

How far are you from the american food store?  How much is peanut butter there and is it american peanut butter?

Like half an hour and its like 8 dollars, but they only have Peter Pan chunky.

I can mail some to you but it will cost more than that and it will take like six weeks. Would you rather me give you extra money on friday for peanut butter? I can mail some jiffy smooth as well.

yeah thats fine too!!

Something that dad left out in his update...
 Rick came down on Saturday (along with two guys, Zak and grandpa) and they started work on the basement. It will be a little longer than we thought, but at least it is started. They will be back in two more weeks to get it all wired.
As far as me, I am looking so forward to spring break and then summer! 
All is well!

Did you ever get a camera for Elder Vaca? 
no not yet! i still want to!
i have to go!! i love you all!! until next week!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!! muah - Mom
Bishopric and investigators

Elder Valencia and me getting ready to burn a shirt for our 1 year!

Out and about in a corn field

Playing with a baby cow

Hugging a cactus

The castle!!!

My companion Elder Ortiz

Elder Vaca

The Zone eating together at the castle.
That bottle I have is the best juice I've ever had!!

The Zone walking together

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