Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 59

March 31, 2014
Hey Everyone!!!
This week was a pretty basic week here in the mission! We worked hard and I also learned a whole lot of valuable lessons! So P-day was great. We played a little bit of soccer and then we relaxed pretty much the whole day. It was great!!  In the beginning of the mission I just wanted to see everything and do everything. Now I love resting on p-days. haha  I feel more exhausted every week, haha but I'm also getting used to it.
Tuesday was a very normal day. We went to our appointments and then at night we held our piano and English lessons. They went well! More people are coming every week! And I had more in my class than my comp had in his!! haha
Wednesday started out normal. Went to the gym, ate breakfast, studied then we left to work. We taught a few lessons but about 2 hours into being in the street I just started to feel awful. And it wasn't even my stomach!!!! My body felt super weak and iIhad a pounding headache. So we went home and I just laid in bed. I was having random hot and cold flashes so I took my temperature, and it read 103 degrees!! I didn't believe it so I did it again!!! And it read 102.5. So I had a fever pretty high up there. It was a super weird feeling. I didn't feel like throwing up or anything. My body just ached. It's been a while since I've been sick like that. Years!   But I just slept it out through the night and felt like a new person the next day. Although I did sweat like a pig all through the night. My mattress was wet.....and I swear I didn't wet the bed!!! yeah I'll stop now.
Thursday was Zone Conference!! I love zone conferences!!! They only happen once every 3 months so it's a big day!! We basically talk about the state of the mission and how things are going. Then we eat lunch and have a few classes from the assistants, president, zone leaders, and this time we had a special talk given by temple President Jensen! Who was in the presidency of the 70 for 10 years and a GA for 20 years!!! The man was awesome. He knew soooo much and answered so many questions! One elder asked "What's the most spiritual experience you've had with the prophet?" and he answered.."Which prophet?" hahahaha Oh gosh. I want to be him. His answer was very interesting. He said it wasn't with a prophet actually. It was with the the apostle Elder Maxwell. He asked him "If he could perfect one attribute of Christ in his own life, what would it be?" and Elder Maxwell responded in that instant..."Submissiveness to the Father."  All week I've been thinking about that. Submissiveness to the father is so essential in our salvation. The people willing to give it all to Heavenly Father are the people that are truly happy and understand their role in the Plan of Salvation. We are here on the earth to obey Him. Jesus Christ was willing to give it all. He never even thought twice! We too need to be the same way. It's super difficult and close to impossible but the thing is that....IT'S NOT IMPOSSIBLE! And we should try with all our might to do it. Another thing I loved from Presidente Jensen was he gave a good quote that hit me hard as a missionary. "When your priorities are out of order, you lose power." What a truth that is. If I'm in the street all day and only thinking about baseball or whatever I'm going to do on P-day I will never be a consecrated missionary. I will never have all the powers of the spirit. This is a great quote for life as well. We must firstly understand what is important and then we must act on those, the gospel, husbands and wives, etc. Everything else will mean nothing 50 years from now. There are true blessing for those that realize this.
The rest of the weekend was pretty basic!! We committed some people to baptism. One guy even made his own date!!!! haha So we are working super hard and I'm truly loving the mission. I love the gospel. I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I can't wait to see how it goes!! Until next time!! I love you all!
Elder Berrett
You still there?
Yeah! not much time, but a little!
I'm here now too! I put $200 in your account. That should be enough for a little bit.  I would really like you to get a camera for Elder Vaca.
Did you get our update for the week?
Just out of curiosity, I haven't asked you in a while, how much do you weigh? Are you about the same?
yeah I'll go look this week!!! I just sent the update! Thanks for the money! I have to go!!
I love you all so much!!!
I weigh about 165!!! I want to gain about 10 more for BYU baseball tryouts!! haha love you!

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