Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Week 77

August 4, 2014
First off, thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes! I was so happy to read all your letters! It was really a great birthday!! I went to church and then we went and worked normally all afternoon. We met some new great families and taught some very spiritual lessons. My companion ,at like 7:30, told me he had forgot that some members had a reference for us and that we could pass by to take down the name and number of the reference. We got there and sure enough all the missionaries from my ward and the family had a mini surprise party for me! It was super awesome! We had cake and I got my face shoved in it. After, everyone shared a few words that truly made me feel good. I was super happy!! :) I woke up and realized it was my birthday and my last one here in Bolivia. I was actually pretty sad all morning thinking about time and how little there is. But I prayed and asked for help to not think about that and just go to work. That's exactly what we did and we had a great day. I'm starting everyday off with a prayer like that until I get home so I don't waste a single minute!!
So this week honestly was an awesome week. Well, it was awesome for us because we just worked. I didn't feel like a zone leader this week at all. It was amazing. As for you guys I don't have much to say because the week was full of just visiting and looking for new people. We found a few new great people that we are very excited about.
Saturday was awesome! We got to go to the temple with our convert Nivia. She went for the first time to do baptisms for the dead. We were super happy to go with her and have that experience. She took a few names from her family and she felt super happy afterward.
I LOVE Jesus Christ. I love what he did for us. I'm so grateful for his ever lasting atonement. I'm sure, without a doubt ,that he lives and directs his church. If there's one thing I've learned out here is that the church is true and that we need Christ. We need baptism, so that we can get the point to be able to make other covenants in the temple and eventually have an eternal family.

Thank you mom and dad, for teaching and raising me in this gospel. I'm so happy. I love you all. Until next week!
Elder Berrett

Hi babe! Are you still there?
Hi! I'm here!
Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful day! I'm so happy that you were surprised with a little party and celebrated with cake! I'm guessing you have not received your package?
Not yet! But tomorrow I have to go pick up all the letters and packages for the zone so I'll probably get it tomorrow!! :)
We'll I sure hope so! If not, it should be there soon! Do you have any pictures for us?
No I don't :( My adapter isn't working!
Ok! I understand! Did you like all the photos I sent ya? We had a great time! But we missed having you there!
Yes, I loved the pictures so much! It looked so fun! I wish I could have been there. Next year! :) I have to go mom! I have an appointment!! I love you!
Bye! Love you too! Have a great week! muah

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