Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 80

August 25, 2014
Family and Friends,
Wow!! what another great week!! Time is going tooooo fast!! We had a pretty basic pday!! we played soccer all day so it was sick.
Tuesday was a great day! we had an outdoor district meeting in a park so that was some great zone bonding time. Later, my companion and I taught a very productive lesson to some of my favorite investigators that I've ever had, Ivan and Ligia. They are both semi professional soccer players here in Bolivia. They play with us every week on pdays! They both have accepted to be baptized on the 6th of September!! They are boyfriend and girlfriend. They're both 25 years old and are literally the best members of JAS (YSA) and they aren't even members yet! They always have members to their houses. They decided that they don't want to get married quite yet because they are going to consider going on missions!! We almost would prefer that they get married but hey I can't complain! It's a good problem that they have to figure out!
So Thursday was a great day! We had our monthly leaders council with President Hansen that takes all day long. It was so awesome. President Hansen was supposed to come here to guide us. He's a great mission president. Funny story, about half way through the meeting my companion's tooth started to hurt so bad he couldn't stand to be there. So we rushed him to a dentist. We were there for about an hour and a half and I was just waiting, thinking to myself what the heck is happening?? Because I could hear him screaming and the dentist trying to calm him down. Well he walked out perfectly fine saying yeah we can go back now. I asked him What Happened!!??? He said...I got a root canal but I'm fine now, lets go back. haha  So we went back and finished the meeting.  It was the most random 2 hours of my life! :)
So this week  I listened to two of the best talks I've ever listened to. I'm going to put a link at the bottom of this page to the two talks. I invite you all to take a small moment of your time and listen. I promise they will change your perspective on everything. One of the talks is by Elder F. Melvin Hammond....he's Elder Weekes and Elder Porters grandpa! The other is by Brad Wilcox, a professor at BYU. His talk is considered one of the greatest talks of all!!!
I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have no doubt He is our savior. He died for us. I love Him. Until next week!
Elder Berrett

Here are the two talks that he refers to:

The first is a written talk that gives you the option to have it read to you...

The second is a youtube video...
Until next week!

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