Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 83

September 15, 2014
Wow what a week!! It looks like everything is going great for everyone!! It’s crazy to see and hear about the changes that are taking place. Everyone is doing awesome.
Well, this week was great. We had some problems in the beginning but finished strong. My companion had more problems with his teeth and ended up having a surgery Tuesday morning. We were stuck in the house ALLLLLLL Tuesday and ALLLLLL Wednesday. So that was incredibly boring. But he is good now and ready to have a full good work week.
Thursday was for sure the highlight of the week and the day that changed my mission. Elder Waddell from the first Quorum of the Seventy came and spoke to us. He focused simply on the Work of Salvation. I’m not going to lie, he was a little strict with us but I loved it. Every missionary has one thing on their mind and that is BAPTISMS, BAPTISMS, and BAPTISMS!!! He told us that is over with. Done. Gone. Forever. We should now be craving TEMPLE, TEMPLE, TEMPLE!!!!! Here in the Northwest South American Area there are 1.5 million members and 230,000 are active. He yelled (with the spirit) THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. He told us something I’ll never forget, he said, "the purpose of the Priesthood is not to baptize, it is to seal families forever." That was so awesome to hear. I’d love to share my notes from this conference with you all one day. It really did change my perspective on the church and what the Lord's work really is.  Also, Thursday morning I was feeling really good but nervous at the same time about the lack of time I have here. So I asked my companion for a blessing to simply give me strength to not only endure to the end but only get better until the end and to apply what I’ve learned in the mission for the rest of my life. He asked for me to do the same to him right after. It was an amazing spiritual moment for our companionship. I’m afraid it may be our last week together since changes are coming up this Sunday. I’m trying to take in every moment with him. He has been an amazing influence in my life.
So we cancelled the baptisms of Ivan and Ligia again because this weekend was a holiday here and they both went on vacation with their families but tonight they should be back. We have an appointment later tonight to program their baptisms this week. Hopefully the 3rd week is a charm. haha
Well, I testify and know that everything Elder Waddell has said is true. I know Christ lives. I don’t doubt that for a second. The gospel is true. I’m so grateful for it.
Until next week!!
Elder Berrett

My buddies after the conference: Elder Porter and Elder Weekes

We had a sweet zone activity on Monday. We bought a whole bunch of fruit and yogurt and had fruit salad and pancakes!!!! Yumm

Previously, I sent a picture of myself with these girls in their house!!
Cool story: We told them that if they prayed every single night together so that their mom would give them permission to go to church, it would happen. Well, literally a month passed and they were STILL praying. This week we had an appointment at their house and they came running out the door yelling Elderes, Elderes!!!!!!!! Our mom gave us permission to go to church!!! God answered us!! So we got super excited and danced for a moment with them in the street. haha I'll never forget that moment. Yesterday they all came with us and LOVED it, especially primary. We aren't thinking of baptism right now with them, even though they are eligible just because they're so young and don't have much support from home. We've decided it would be better to have them just go to church and maybe in a few more months think about that. Saturday we gave them these CTR rings. 

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