Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 87

October 13, 2014
Hello family!!!
Wow!! It seems like everyone is doing great!! I am too!! This week was full of great experiences full of the spirit. I’m really enjoying the mission and being a part of the Lord's work, at such a crucial time in the work of salvation. I don’t have my notebook with me right now but I’ll try and remember what happened this week.
It was a pretty basic week. We had nothing but time to work and that’s exactly what we did!! My comp and I had great conversations in the street all week about general conference. I have come to love to talk about doctrine topics. My comp is a genius with that stuff so I really enjoy the conversations we have. I’ve learned a whole lot. My love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have grown so much and it keeps growing as I study it more and more.
It was a basic week so I don’t have much to say but I do have one pretty cool experience that proves this is the Lord's work and that he is preparing his children. Saturday we visited some old investigators that we haven’t visited in a long time due to them not progressing but we decided to give them a shot since we were close to their house. We walk in and they had some family members there helping them work on some cars. It was Victor Hugo (old investigator) and his brother, Sergio, with his two sons Ayden (cool right?) and Bronco (another cool name). Anyways Ayden and Bronco were very excited because they and their dad have talked to Elders before. So we talked a good while and then taught them a lesson. They loved it and told us they’d like to go back to church (they had gone a few times with the elders before). As I took down their information I realized they lived in my first area, Sarco! They are actually only a few blocks from my first house. So I anxiously called the Elders there now and they were in shock because they had been looking for the same family for about 2 months now. They somehow got a reference for that same family. I testify this is the Lord's work and church and that he is leading every bit of it. I don’t know what will happen with that family but I know that all that was no accident. The Lord used us to get to Sergio. And now the other Elders in Sarco with do what the Lord tells them to do.
Yesterday were the Bolivian Presidential elections so it was a little different. There were no church meetings at all and all the missionaries were told by president to stay in the house all day. So we had our normal morning schedule with studies and all but at about 12:00 we took advantage and slept a good bit. Then we, since we live with 4, played UNO for about 2 hours. It was pretty fun haha. I did realize how much being in the house bothers me now which I guess isn’t a bad thing. Today we had a great p-day with the zone. We went to Incachaca. Its 3 hours away but super cool. It’s the rainforest part of Bolivia that connects with Brazil. It was super cool. I’ll send the pictures. I love you all so much!! Have a great week!
Elder Berrett

Hey mom!! Just wanted to give you a special shout out just because I love you!! I cant wait to hug you!! It's really the only trunky thought I get these last days. You're the best mom ever. Thank you so much for raising me to be a missionary. It's been the best experiance of my life. Im super happy to have been called here. I know you've preapred me my whole life to be here. I probably haven't been the most grateful child but I really am so grateful for you. I love you!! :)
The wobbly bridge!! It was actually pretty scary!

I love this picture of the zone. (most of the zone at least) Not all could come, due to sickness. But I love my zone so much. It's the coolest zone I've had yet!!

Me and my comp.

Elder Crankshaw (assistant) Sister Shultz (new girl just got here from Utah)!! We sang as a zone for a solid 3 hours in the car! Hey, if you can't listen to it you might as well sing it yourself!! 

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