Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 86

October 6, 2014
Family and Friends
Wow, what an amazing story dad! Thanks to all of you for being your brother’s keeper. I loved Elder Holland’s talk. Made me cry! The pictures look so cool! I’m so glad yall could go and have a fun time. This week was crazy and happened in a blink of an eye!! First off, my cool story!! So we had leader’s conference in the city on Wednesday. That day there were blockades on the main highway (the only way to the city) leading from Sacaba to the city. Blockades are basically a form of protesting here. The people protesting, block the highways with cars or rocks or dirt or anything they can every couple of miles. It happens quite often actually. Anyways, my comp and I had to be at that meeting so we starting walking what would have been about an 18-20 mile walk. After we realized we were late we called president and told him we'd be way late. He told us to just get there when we could, safely. After we had walked 2 miles we found a guy in a taxi sneaking people from blockade to blockade. So we got in and he got us through a few just by going around. The scary part was that every time we came to a road block there was a mob of people waiting, throwing rocks and trying to attack the car. He just busted through there and helped us. He took us as far as he could and then we walked about a mile before we found another taxi driver doing the same thing. He did the same thing as we just ducked in the back seat. It was pretty nerve racking but at the same time thrilling. We finally made it to the meeting only two hours late!! We caught the last 6 hours and it was actually a great conference. I learned a whole lot from president, he focused a whole lot on less actives. My companion and I taught more lessons to less actives this week than ever before and it went really well. We found more less actives and even investigators in the process.
So we had some small miracles happen. We had an investigator, Maria Jose, tell us she wants to get baptized. It was a powerful moment. We just stopped by to invite her to conference. I had a Liahona magazine General Conference Edition in my backpack and we showed her pictures of the prophet, apostles, conference center, etc. We somehow got on the topic of the Holy Ghost and she loved it. I then had one of the most powerful promptings of the spirit to ask her if any of these mattered to her and if she even cared about receiving an answer to know if these things are true. She then answered by saying," I’ve been praying and I feel its right. I asked my mom for permission and support to get baptized and she is willing to support me." We were so happy. We had no plans of talking about baptism.
General Conference was amazing. Simply amazing! I went into it with a personal question about my life knowing it would be answered and it was. Those men and women, and Thomas S. Monson are divine servants chosen by the Lord to lead and guide us in these latter days. I love the prophet. I know he's Gods chosen helper here on the earth. My favorite talk that simply manifested to me that the church is true was by President Henry B. Erying. I can’t even put into words the feeling I had listening to him. I was so touched by the spirit. I loved every talk this weekend. It was the best way to end my mission.
Everything is great with us. We are working super hard and doing our best. I love you all so much. I love the Savior Jesus Christ and know He died for me each one of us. I’m forever grateful for His amazing grace.
Elder Berrett

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