Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 85

September 29, 2014

Hello Family!!!
I haven’t got an update from you all yet but it’s all good!! I hope all is well with you guys!! This week’s letter will be a little shorter because we had some bad luck in our house haha I’ll explain! So on P-day we played futsal just about all morning. That’s the routine now haha we love futsal. Today we did the same thing! My legs are super sore...
Tuesday was transfer day. And although my companion and I didn’t have changes we still had to go take some elders that were companionless to pick up their companions. While we were at the airport Elder Porter (the other Elder I live with) and I both started to feel pretty sick. So after we did all our transfer stuff we were both feeling pretty bad, he was worse though. So we called Sister Hansen and she told us to lie down and rest. I threw up once and was in the bathroom a bit, but not as much as Elder Porter haha But by the evening I was feeling better. We think it was something we ate on Sunday. I got over it but Elder Porter no. He was with us all week because he is training this transfer, so he had to wait until Friday to get his new comp. So all this week we were basically with him in the house. Turns out he had parasites. I’m thinking I’ll go to the doctor just to make sure I don’t have them either. But he got his comp, Elder Hansen from Utah. He's super cool. It’s weird to live with 2 gringos, haha, but it’s cool. So my comp and I just went to work on Friday and Saturday, trying to make up for lost time. We got a lot of good done. I realized this week how much I hate being stuck in the house. haha  I’m too used to leaving and being out all day long.
So hopefully this week will be much better! I’m so excited, we have leader’s council with president on Wednesday, and of course as you know, GENERAL CONFERENCE this weekend! YES!! The super bowl for missionaries!! haha I’m so excited. I hope you guys can watch ALL the sessions. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Berrett
I loved President Hansen's reply to my email this week, I thought I’d share it:

Loved your letter, Elder Berrett. I love baseball and am glad to find
out you love it too. Tony Gwynn was one of my favorite players of all
time. I loved his work ethic, and how he still practiced hitting off a
tee, perfecting the fundamentals of his swing, and analyzing his swing
through video, even late in his career after winning many batting
titles. He showed how hard work allows one to rise to the top. You are
a great missionary. I'm really happy that you are happy with spending
another cambio with your awesome companion, Elder Nicho.

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