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Week 46

December 30, 2013

Hey everyone!!! 

     Wow it was amazing to see all of you on Christmas!! I hope and pray that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and had the chance to feel the true Christmas spirit. This week was pretty eventful! Being the week of Christmas, we had a whole lot of different activities or services to do which was awesome! It was also fun to help other missionaries. 
     So, Monday was a free P-day, meaning we didn't have a zone activity planned. We spent the day buying Christmas present for other missionaries and also for some of our investigators! We didn't have a whole lot of money to blow, but we bought a few fruitcakes (which are awful) but that's the thing to do here, so we bought those for our investigators. haha They all loved it, but the worst part was when they offered us a piece and I had to eat it. Gross! After we spent all day buying gifts we then got all dressed up in our tie and all, and we went to a huge nearby plaza where we sang Christmas Carols with the zone, and taught the people as they walked by. It was actually a great idea! We met a whole lot of people while doing it! Oh and I forgot to tell you guys what my comp got me....a dart board! Yes! I was so pumped!! It's so fun!! Kind of a distraction though so I only pull it out at night after we've planned and I have a little time before bed. haha
     Christmas Eve was great!! We worked the whole day teaching lessons and looking for new peeps to teach. We dropped the usually "Lesson 1: The Restoration" routine for one day and we asked people if we could share a Christmas message with them! It worked pretty well! We got into like 4 houses and we just shared the typical Luke 2, Birth of Jesus. It was a fun day to work when everyone is in the Christmas mood. We then went and gave presents to Ruben (10) and his single mom Deysi and his Grandma Elena. He's the boy that leaves home for 2 or 3 days at a time. We went and shared a message with them and accompanied them for a bit. Then we went to my pensionista's house to be there for the night! We opened presents with them and  had a great time dancing and laughing! haha
     So Christmas was great talking to you all as you know. haha But y'all saw me get a little sick towards the end and stuck with me all night. haha But I'm good now. I was pretty sick but I still wanted to work because we needed a little boost in success and in our numbers, so i decided to suck it up.  I knew the Lord would bless us for going out and trying when I was weak, and he did!  We found a family and helped them in their yard cutting trees and moving rocks and then they asked, "how can we thank you?"  Which is a golden question for missionaries! haha  We just asked for 15 minutes of their time and we ended up committing them to be baptized on the 25th of January!! Their names are Eddy, Sabina, and Jorge! They have 2 other little daughters, but I forgot their names.  haha They are great!  We've already gone back 3 times to teach them!  
      Well, the work is going better than ever here! We are really working hard everyday to reach our goals that we set in weekly planning. 
     Speaking of goals, I invite all you guys to set new years resolutions and make a plan to reach it. Goals without a plan is simply and wish or a dream. After being in the mission I've learned the importance of goal setting. Set a goal, make a plan, have someone help you (you need support), and then pray about it!  If you do these things and have faith, there is no reason not to reach your goal!

I love you all!!

Elder Berrett

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