Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 47

January 6, 2014

Hey Everyone!
     This week was pretty much all ups!! Everything went great! We had fun like always, found new people to teach and had a whole lot of success. The work is really moving and growing! I can see the Lord's hand helping us everyday. Its proof to me that this really is his work and everything his up to him. Its his harvest. We just have to do our part and work, work, work!!!
     Monday was a pretty basic P-day. We went and ate lunch at a place called Tuesday's. Its all American food and sooooooo goooood. It was totally worth the long trip and little extra money. haha After that we went to the store to buy some basic necessities  and then we just played soccer the whole afternoon. speaking of soccer...everyone is starting to talk about the world cup coming up this summer. I'm so pumped to be in South America during that time even though Bolivia is horrible and didn't qualify, and I'm a missionary and I can't even watch it...haha  Still just the excitement in the streets, will be fun to watch.
     Tuesday was New Years Eve and we had a completely normal day! haha we taught a few lessons and did some service as well with the same family we found last week. they are doing well. They are still loving our lessons and want to know more. They just didn't go to church yesterday because their grandpa came to stay from out of town. That was a bummer. We tried to get him to come too but they wouldn't do it. kinda frustrating........but that's part of the work. We will try for next week. We did end up going out to dinner with our district to celebrate the new year. That was it though! i was in bed by 1030 like normal! haha
    The next couple of days were when the success started to come!! We got 2 family references from members. We went to visit the first family (la familia Perez). There are 5 of them Kenny, Violeta, Kenny Jr 8, Krisel 11, and the 20 day old baby Kristal. We taught them the restoration and they had a whole lot of interest. We invited them to baptism and they accepted. They came to church yesterday as well! cool story we have some less actives who we've recently rescued. and its a single mom with 3 kids also with a new born. yesterday we gave her new born and her 1 and half year old baby blessing in church. it was awesome! my first time! haha i got to hold the new was awesome. Anyways after the two blessings Kenny comes walking up to the stage and hands us his baby, Kristal, and asked us and the bishop if we could give her a blessing. haha so we did!! it was awesome to see their faith in us and the priesthood after knowing them for just about 4 days! it was a way cool!! they loved church too! I'm looking forward to seeing and teaching them again on Wednesday. Please pray for them!
     The next reference we contacted was about 2 hours after we contacted Kenny and his family. I don't remember this family's name but there were 3 women. The mom Luisa, and her daughters Alejandra 23, and Rubi 12. They let us in their house, they were cooking so we helped them for about 30 minutes then we shared lesson 1 with them also. They all accepted to be baptized as well! they told us that they wouldn't be able to go to church but next week yes!! so we are hoping and leaning on that! Ive also told you guys about Deysi, Ruben, and Elena. We re committed them to baptism too after their date fell through! they just need to come to church one more time! haha Well this week was great and full of success. I'm sad that changes are coming up next week. My comp will most likely go and I'll stay. I've loved my time with him. We've had success and worked hard. I'm loving the mission. I can't believe it's almost been 11 months. One year will be here before we know it. Time is going so so so fast, I can't believe it. Well I love you all so much. Oh, I'm pumped to here about Kaydens decision to go to Dixie!  That's awesome!  We can be close together!!  Tell Berkley good luck with gym!  I love her and she'll do awesome!! Tell the little guys I love and miss them! The church is absolutely true!!!!
Elder Berrett

Hey bud - it's Dad. How was your week?

Hey dad! My week was good! We had a whole bunch of success!
Is mom there?

I'm trying to reach her now. I know she is up because I just got a text from her.

Oh okay!! Cool! Yeah I have a few questions for her.

I'm here babe!

Hi!! So I need to do this interview thing before Feb. 1st??

Yes, the BYU app asked for his name and everything, so I'm sure they have sent him a notification. Just contact them and let them know you need an appointment.

Okay!! I'll call today or tomorrow.

How are you doing?

I'm doing great!!!!!! Time is flying!!!!

I know, I can't believe it has been almost a year.

Just read your update! Wow - it sounds like you guys have been working hard and the Lord is starting to bless the lives around you. We will definitely include their names in our family prayers. I loved your story about church last Sunday and the blessings. That is so cool! 

I've got to get going - I absolutely can't wait to get your emails each Monday. It's the highlight of my week. Keep leading! Keep doing what you know to be right. Is Spanish becoming second nature now? I'm sure you are feeling really comfortable by now. 

I love you bud - Please take care of yourself and know how much I love you! Dad


Thanks dad! Love you too.
Did you get the essay?  I have to go in 2 minutes

Yes, I got it all! I will get it to Lexi right now. Remember how much I love you and how proud I am of you. You are such a great example to me! Do your very best! Stay strong and love everything and everyone!
 I love you tons! Love - Mom

Thanks mom!! I love you too!! Tell everyone I love them!! Bye!! 
Elder Weeks says hi and he can't wait to meet you guys! haha Love you all!
The family whose baby we blessed
Two of their kids, whom I love haha
The baby I blessed
A cool Bolivian sky

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